Hi everyone,

Just wanted to follow up and announce the new partner at Slate! It is a familar face to me, as she’s been an active member for many years. Whit Voigt has been coming to the 4:30pm class at Slate since 2014 and has been a fixture in all of the social events and cookouts we’ve hosted. She’ll be coming on to help Clay and Karny bring the best in social activities for everyone at the gym. In addition she’ll be working to learn the back-end side of the business operations and is considering growing into a coaching role as needed in the future.

Some words from Whit:

I’m so excited and extremely grateful for the opportunity to become a partner of Slate CrossFit. I’m looking forward to supporting the community that I already love, in this new way.

I’ve spent most of my life in Seattle involved in team sports from little league baseball to college basketball. After college I longed being a part of a team and Slate’s established culture of positivity and hard work provided what I was missing.

I love CrossFit for is its ability to bring individuals together to work in a team environment to better not only their physical health, but mental selves as well. We aren’t just improving our fitness. We are developing a community to lean on for support and over the past three plus years a lot of the members at Slate have become like family to me. I have high hopes to continue to build and grow our community, as well as our fitness and to get to know every individual member at our gym.