Chris 2

Chris is definitely one of the most consistent people at Slate. He is here almost everyday at 5:30 am. That consistency has given Chris some amazing results and earned him a spot in the Athlete Spotlight.

We asked Chris a few questions and these are his answers.

When did you start CrossFit?
I started a beginner CrossFit class in June 2015, never having lifted a barbell in my life. I have been at Slate since October 2016.

Why did you choose Slate?
Admittedly, the convenience of the location was the primary reason I joined Slate. However, the coaches and the members are the reason I stay and actually enjoy coming to the gym.

How has Slate helped you to reach your goals?
Before Slate, I did not consider myself an athletic person. Put me in a gym and I have no idea what movements to perform, or how to begin constructing a workout. Having a coach that tells me what to do, teaches me proper form, and actively suggests I increase weight for the workout helps me push myself to become better.

Favorite workout?
Cindy. I like the 20-minute workouts where you just find a groove and keep going. (This also happens to be my Mom’s name. Bonus).

Least favorite workout?
Karen. It’s tough doing the same movement for the entire workout… especially when that movement is wall balls.

What is your favorite Slate moment?
I always enjoy Question of the Day and the banter between sets during the every 90-seconds strength portions of the WOD. The daily questions and time between lifts usually spurs some great conversations and laughter.

You recently completed the 6-week Lurong Living Challenge, with some significant changes, can you tell us how this challenged helped you and the results that you achieved?
I had never really attempted both diet and exercise. I typically tried one or the other. The Lurong challenge really showed me the impact a healthy diet along with exercise can make, and revealed some of my bad eating habits. For example, I didn’t realize how often I was snacking in between meals. Whoops! The fact that we were able to access recipes as part of the challenge helped me find some dinner options that my wife and I loved, which will now become part of our regular meal rotations.

I also realized how much better I felt by moderating my intake of cheat foods. I wasn’t perfect during the challenge, but by greatly reducing cheat foods like dairy, beer, pizza, ice cream, even white rice… I felt a lot more energetic and overall my body felt trimmer. While I could tell I was losing weight by the way my clothes were fitting, I was amazed when the measurements came back and I lost six inches around my waist. Now I’m trying to maintain that progress, and continue to get stronger.

Encouragement for others.
Each day at the gym, I know I won’t lift the heaviest weight or have the fastest recorded time in Sugar WOD. The one thing I can control is being consistent. During Lurong, I challenged myself to show up 5 days a week. PRs will come, but they weren’t a goal. My goal was showing up and doing the work. That consistency contributed to my results and I feel the most important lesson I can continue going forward. Show up and do the work.