6 rounds of:
200m run + 12 box jumps

Partner WOD:
Cals on rower
Thrusters (75/55)
Both people working at the same time. Switch as needed


Partner 1 runs 400m
Tags partner 2
While partner 2 is running partner 1 does as many burpees as possible.
When partner 2 comes in from the run, then they have 1 min to complete as many burpees as possible.

Score is most cals+thrusters AND time for both runs – reps of burpees (e.g. 3:45 run time – 78 burpees means a score of 2:27)

Remember no evening classes!!
Friday night lights tonight at the gym. Bring a buddy, some beers and some food. We’ll have the gym opening at 4 and workout heats will start at 5! It’s all for fun and bring something to grill out and let’s have fun this summer!