EMOTM 10 mins
Even: Knees to Elbow
Odd: Box Dips

We are getting to the end of this volume and skill building EMOM for this couplet.

For those of you working on high level T2B, K2E are a great way to make sure you are using enough upper body in your high rep sets.
For those of you working to string your first few together, same idea: The upper body must be involved.

L1: 10 V-ups or 12 Hanging Knee Raise
L2: 12-15 Kipping Hanging Knee Raise
L3: 12-15 K2E
Box Dips
L1: 6-8 Box dips with feet tucked under
L2: 8 Box dips with feet in front
L3: 8-10 Box dips with feet elevated.

AMRAP 12 mins
25’ Front rack walking lunges 95/65

L1: 5 Box/Pike Pushups, blank bar
L2: Written