4 Rounds (looking for quality, not speed)
3 slow Wall walks (plus 10R/10L shoulder taps if possible)
10 Strict Pullups
12 V-ups

Partner WOD:
Partner A
500m Row or 400m Run
50 Double Unders
Partner B
40 ab-mat Sit-Ups
then max effort Blank bar Thrusters

Rest 3 mins and repeat. Switch order if desired.
L1: 100 SU’s
L2: 150 SU’s
L3: Written
L4: 75/55

Score is the number of Thrusters.
Rounds are finished when both partners have completed A and B
A is the pacer – i.e. the faster you get through the rows and DU, the less time you give your partner time to accumulate points.
After Partner A completes their work and tags partner B out (partner B continues working until he/she is tagged), partners switch places. No rest here – get right to the rower as your partner will start ab-mat sit-ups as soon as they tag you.