Hi everyone!

You are all cordially invited to this year’s edition of Slate’s Friday Night Lights!

The coaches and I have been talking about this for the past month letting everyone know whats up, but it is time to reveal a lot of the details. (And try to answer any last minute questions)

Starting this Friday night (Feb. 24th) for the next five Fridays, Slate will be participating in the CrossFit Open.

Starting in 2015, we started taking the worldwide competition and making it a little more our style, more about our community, and more about having a good time.

Each Thursday evening at 4:30pm, the new TV at the gym will be showing the workout announcement for the following day’s workout. It is pretty fun because no one knows what it will be (although you can earn point for your team by guessing the closest, but more about that later) We will then do whatever the announced workout in all of the Friday classes. The 6am, 9am and Noon class will run as normal, hour long classes and yes, you can still accrue point there as well.

Then the real fun starts at night. For our third year of Friday Night Lights, we have again split the entire gym up into 3 teams (The Blue Barracudas, The Red Jaguars, and the Purple Parrots) When you come into the gym you can see which team you are on up at the big whiteboard. Each of the teams will be able to build points by doing the workouts, bringing in food and beer, bringing friends and family, and also by dressing up in the costume and theme night!

Each team will be vying to win the Slate trophy and honor of the best team of the year. Each person and member will be able to accrue points for their team, boosting their overall score. The scores are broken down into 4 key categories, all to provide balanced competition and fun to the whole experience. Food/Beverage points, Social Media points, Workout points, and Costume/Theme points.

At the end of the open the team that wins will receive the trophy and will get to choose the charity that Slate will donate the collective pool towards. Last year, Slate raised and donated over $900 (!!!) to the Seattle Humane Society at the behest of Team Will. i. AMRAP (we did a rapper pun theme).

Friday Night Lights is honestly my most favorite time of the year and the best event Slate runs. It is Slate at it’s best. We laugh, we work hard, we goof around in silly costumes, have a good beer and encourage everyone to do their best. I can’t wait and am looking forward to you being there and giving it a shot.

Some logistics:

After the noon class ends, Slate will close to set-up the equipment and area for the workout/party. Slate will reopen at 4pm and will be ready for you to begin a coached warmup to prep and get ready for your workout. We will start running heats of the workout starting at 5pm and depending on how long the workout is, run heats throughout the night, usually with the last heat around 7pm. All you have to do is show up between 4:00pm and 6:30pm, sign up for a heat, warm up, and give the workout your best shot.

What is the point scheme?
Each week, you’ll earn point to add to your total. If you have an off week, don’t worry! You can always go after it again the next week!

Food/Beverage points
+ 15 points if you bring food
+ 15 points if you bring beer/beverages
+ 15 points if you email your original recipe (not how to make pop-tarts) to info@slatecrossfit.com
The infamous chip rule! You will lose 15 points if you bring chips without a homemade salsa or dip. This rule is to prevent the Chip Bringing Incident of 2015 from happening again.

Social Media points
+ 5 points for every instagram post captured during Slate’s Friday Night Lights (must use the following hashtags: #slatecrossfit #crossfitgames & #17point number of workout)
+ 5 points for every Facebook check-in from Feb 24th until the last workout on March 24th. (one per day) (New rule)
+ 50 points for every friend and guest you bring.
+ 75 points if that guest also does the workout!
+ 100 points (one time) for every person who writes a Yelp review!
+ 50 points (one time) for every person who submits a Google+ or Facebook rating!

Workout points (for each workout)
+ 10 points for completing the workout regardless of whether you registered or donated
+ 10 points bonus added if you are registered officially for the CrossFit Open at games.crossfit.com
+ 10 points bonus added if donated to the Slate Charity Pool
+ 20 points bonus added if you have registered for the Open and donated to the charity pool
+ 30 points if you PR any movement during the workouts!
+ 50-40-30-20-10 points for the top 5 scores for men and women
+ 5 points for every time you help score someones workout and count their reps!

Costume/Theme points.
+ 10 points if you wear a Slate CrossFit t-shirt on Friday
+ 20 points if you wear a costume on Friday (theme appropriate)
+ 20 points bonus if you do the workout in your costume
+ 150 points Weekly Team Spirit Award. Given the best overall enthusiastic team. So coordinate and let’s see what you can all come up with!
+ 100 points Best male/female costume
+ 100 points Best doggie costume


Week 1
Food: Bacon!
Theme: Celebreties:

Week 2
Food: Food-on-a-stick
Theme: Disney

Week 3
Food: Hawaiian Luau
Theme: Hawaiian/Tropical

Week 4
Food: Ancient Civilizations
Theme: Barbecue

Week 5
Food: Picnic food
Theme: Slate/Team Spirit