5 rounds (not for time)
A1) 8 HSPU
A2) 30 Shoulder taps in HSPU position
A1) 8 hard box HSPU
A2) Max Handstand hold

AMRAP 20 mins
1 Lap Farmer’s Carry
15 Burpees
15 S2O
* Each athlete completes a full round while the other rests.
* Upon completion of the Farmer’s Carry, Partner A hands both KB to Partner B who holds in either a Front Rack or a FC hold the duration of the round. (No weird holds)
* If at any point either KB touches the ground, both partners run 200m together.

Score is total rounds completed

L1: 10 burpees, blank bar, from rack ok
L2: 75/55
L3: 100/70
L4: 135/95