7 mins to review kipping technique.
Then do 2 sets of 7 “pops” rest as needed
3 sets of unbroken work, rest as needed. Approach this like a weightlifting set. If you need to break, rest as little as possible. At the end of the series, rest as needed
Series is 6 C2B Pullups + 9 Pullups + 12 T2B

Row 1000m
60 Wallballs
50 DB Step ups (40/25)
60 Situps
50 KB Push Press (53/35)

L1: 750m Row, 40 WB, 50 step ups (no weight), 26/18 PP
L2: 35/20 DB, 35/26KB
L3: Written
L4: 30/20#WB