Dogs at Slate CrossFit

We love dogs at Slate! (Sadly we don’t allow other pets in the building. No cats, no birds, no salamanders or turtles) As a dog lover my self, I know that often the time away from them at work can add up. So rather than having to crate them while you workout, I wanted a place where they could come and hang out. I also keep a huge bin of treats on the desk stocked with an assortment of treats from Mud Bay. So know that every client is free to bring their lovable, friendly companion along with them to your workout. – Jared

We ask that both you and your dog follow these rules and guidelines to ensure a safe, pleasant experience for all of our clients.

All Slate dogs need to be friendly to all people of all ages, as well as all other dogs.

Dogs are to be secured by leash during class times. Feel free to use a kettlebell or dumbbell!

If your dog is barking in class, you will be asked to take your dog outside.

Decisions made concerning enforcement of dog policy is up to each coach’s discretion.

Each dog owner is responsible for the cleaning of any mess made by your furry friend. Cleaning supplies are kept at the desk.

If you dog relives themselves in any way in the gym they will be given a single warning. A second offense will result in your dogbeing barred from coming inside the building. We do clean and disinfect the floors each night, but at night.

Any instance of fighting, biting, or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and you will be asked to remove your dog immediately.

Owner is fully responsible for any disinfecting and cleaning costs.