Hey everyone
Been feeling crummy the past two or three days. Went to bed feeling sore and achey and woke up even worse.
I’m supposed to work the noon class and all the other guys are at their other jobs. So no noon class today as I’m going to take some medication and rest to kick it quickly.
Open gym starts at 3 and regular night classes will be going on.


5×6 Deadlift at 3021 tempo (increasing)
Rest 2 mins between sets

Partner WOD:
For time: (split up however you like)
30 Partner Burpees (one holds a plank while the other does a burpee w/lateral jumps over)
100 Wall Balls
100 Pull-ups
15 five cone suicides

L1 14/10, Jumping Pullups ok, 2x Single unders
L2 20/14, Banded Pullups ok, 3x Single unders ok
L3 20/14

Rest 5 mins then:

6 rounds: (partners alternate full rounds)
15 Blank Bar Thrusters
15 KBS
15 Box Jumps (24”/20”)

L1 4 rounds, Russian 35/26, Step ups ok
L2 6 rounds, Russian KBS 53/35, Step ups ok
L3 UB Thrusters, 53/35 American Swings
L4 UB Thrusters, 70/53 American Swings, Box jumps only