Hey everyone!
Hope your thanksgiving was full of good food and relaxing times with your loved ones. I certainly appreciated a couple days of resting and I’m sure that this first workout back will be more than enough to make me feel that extra slice of pie.
Just wanted to let everyone know that this week the bathroom situation will be a bit tighter as the two small, side bathrooms will be in various states of disarray as they are being completed. They will be done by the end of the week (knock on wood) and we look forward to them being completed and a lot cleaner than they were before. Please try and be mindful of others when using them and let’s have a good rest of the holiday season!
– Jared

12 mins to find heavy triple Back Squat
Every 2 mins for 6mins:
5 @ 90-95% of heaviest triple

“Tijuana Bob”
AMRAP 7 mins:
Push Press (115/80)
*each time you break, 40 DUs

L3: Written
L2: 95/65, 20 DUs
L1: 75/45, 80 SUs

– Rest 3 minutes –

AMRAP 7 mins
Hang Power Clean 155/115
*each time you break, 30 air squats

L3: Written
L2: 115/80
L1: 95/65, 20 Air Squats