EMOTM for 18 mins
Even: Max Effort Strict HSPU
Odd: Rest
Scale options:
Even: 1 Wallwalk with max effort hold
Odd: 8-10 pushups
Even: 4 reps of 5 second handstand hold into slow negative HSPU
Odd: Rest
L3: Written

Partner WOD:
Partner A completes:
45 Air Squats
15 Hang Power Cleans
L1: 75/45
L2: 95/65
L3: 135/95
L4: 15R/15L Pistols, 185/125

While Partner B
Holds Barbell in Front Rack position with their weight load. Partner A can only move through their round when bar is held in position, if it falls, Partner A must wait.

Trade to complete round.