Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

I hope that this week finds you well, safe, and surrounded by friends and family.

The schedule will be as follows for Slate:

Wednesday (25th): Normal hours. Remember no 7:30pm class on Wednesdays. I’m going to be driving over the pass headed to the Tri-Cities after the 6:30pm class, but if anyone wants to meet up for the HellBent beer hour at 7:30pm we will still have the same spot set out as last week.

Thursday – Thanksgiving Day (26th) – CLOSED

Friday (27th)  – Gym opens at 10:30am and there will be one class at 12:00pm.

Saturday (28th) – Normal partner workouts at 9:00am and Noon. Open gym in between

Sunday (29th) – Regular hours, 9:00am and 11:ooam. Open gym in between.