Just wanted to put up another reminder about the schedule change that starts next Monday, the 16th. The new schedule is as follows:

7:30pm (No Wednesday night 7:30pm class)

Saturday and Sunday
Same times as always

Why the changes?

After a year’s expirement with having 75 minute classes, we will be returning to a 60 minute class window. We’ve found that many people’s schedules are getting tighter and we are listening. We are also excited to be able to expand our class times to add more options for each member.

There won’t be too much of a disruption to the morning class times as they will remain the same, and we’ll be sure to get you out exactly on the hour. The night classes however will be shifting as the 5:45pm and 7:00pm times will no longer be available.

Another reason that I’m personally excited for the change is that we will now be able to have additional specialty classes in the evenings as well. I’m working on building a gymnastics oriented class and perhaps in the future we will host an Olympic Weightlifting class, a yoga class, an endurance class. (Suggestions available!)

And the first in a series of new launches is Brittney’s core class which will start on Tuesday at 5:30! (New post will follow this one)

I’m so excited to be able to add on the value and quality for each and every client here at Slate and let’s have a great holiday season!

– Jared