Monday 11-30-15


7 min

EMOTM 3 Position Clean (Ground, hang, hi-hang) @75-80%



5 min AMRAP:

Shuttle Sprint

10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Rest 1 min

4 min AMRAP:

10 KB Swings (70/53)

10 KB Snatches (Alternating)

Rest 30 seconds

3 min AMRAP:

Row for calories


L3: Written

L2: 53/35

L1: 35/16, 20/12”

Sunday 11-29-15


6×4 Deadlift @70-80%


4 Rounds:

90 seconds, Max Effort Row

10 OHS (155/105)

Rest 30 Seconds

Score is distance covered


L3: 135/95

L2: 95/65

L1: 75/45

Saturday 11-28-15


6×4 Push Press @70-80%


Partner WOD

30 min EMOTM:

  1. Partner A: ME Man Makers

Partner B: Plank Hold

  1.   Partner A: ME Wall Balls

Partner B: Medball Squat Hold

  1. Partner A: ME DU

Partner B: Run 200m

  1. Partner A: ME Deadlifts

Partner B: Axel bar Hold

  1. Partner A: ME DB Lunges

Partner B: Airdyne SPRINT

Friday 11-27-15 (Single NOON Class ONLY)

Reminder, we will be opening at 10:30a, and will have one partner WOD at 12:00p.

Partner WOD:


50 Deadlift – 135# M/95# W
50 Double KB Swings – 53# M/35# W
50 Pushups
50 Clean and Jerk -135# M/95# W
50 Pullups
50 Taters – 53# M/ 35# W (DEMO)
50 Box Jumps – 24″ M/20″ W
50 Wall Walks
50 Knee-to-Elbows
50 Double Unders


Optional Skill:

5×7 Deficit HSPU

30 Second ME on Airdyne between sets

Thursday 11-26-15 (CLOSED)

Happy Thanksgiving Slate family!

We wish you all a happy day of family, friends and great food!  We will see you all back in the gym tomorrow (full of turkey and dressing).

-Slate Team

Thanksgiving Schedule

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

I hope that this week finds you well, safe, and surrounded by friends and family.

The schedule will be as follows for Slate:

Wednesday (25th): Normal hours. Remember no 7:30pm class on Wednesdays. I’m going to be driving over the pass headed to the Tri-Cities after the 6:30pm class, but if anyone wants to meet up for the HellBent beer hour at 7:30pm we will still have the same spot set out as last week.

Thursday – Thanksgiving Day (26th) – CLOSED

Friday (27th)  – Gym opens at 10:30am and there will be one class at 12:00pm.

Saturday (28th) – Normal partner workouts at 9:00am and Noon. Open gym in between

Sunday (29th) – Regular hours, 9:00am and 11:ooam. Open gym in between.



Wednesday 11-25-15 (Strength Day)

Strength Day!

6x 3 Position Clean @75-85% (hi-hang, hang, ground)

6×4 Squats (70-80%)

5×10 Ring Dips (If you have MU, do MU to begin, on your 5th dip and your final dip)

Accumulate 15-30 GHD SU during the day

Tuesday 11-24-15


3 Cycles

7 C2B

6 PU

5 T2B

Attempt for unbroken cycles



11/03/15 CrossFit Mainsite WOD

7 rounds for time of:

95-lb. power cleans, 7 reps

95-lb. thrusters, 7 reps

7 bar-facing burpees


L3: Written

L2: 75/55

L1: 55/35

Monday 11-23-15


6×4 Front Squats @70-80%



For time…(12 min cap)

125 UB Double Unders

3 Rounds for time…

25 UB Wallballs (20/14, 10/9”)

15 Lateral hops (over/back=1)

5 Snatches (full-155/105)

125 UB Double Unders


L3: DU do not need to be UB, 135/95

L2: 125 DU or 250 SU, Not UB, 14/10, Power Snatch to OHS OK 105/75

L1: 250 SU, Not UB, 14/10, 9/8”, Lateral hops (over/back=2), Clean 75/45

Sunday 11-22-15


5 Rounds

Run 400m

15 box jumps (30/24)

Rest 5 min

10 min to establish 2 RM Thruster


L3: 24/20

L2: 20/12 Box Jumps or Step ups

L1: 20/12 Step ups

Saturday 11-21-15


7×3 Hang Clean HEAVIER than 11-5-15


Partner WOD

Partner A

3 rounds:

30/25 Cal Row

15 Burpees

Partner B

Max Effort Wall Balls



Score is time and total wall balls

Friday 11-20-15

Everyday Warrior WOD #3

For Time:

9 Dead Lift (RX: 275/185)(Masters, Scaled: 185/115)(Teen: 135/95)

28 Box Jumps (RX: 30″/24″)(Masters, Scaled, Teen: 24″/20″)

14 Thrusters (RX: 135/95)(Masters, Scaled, Teen: 95/65)

30 Pull-Ups (RX: C2B)(Masters, Teen: Standard)(Scaled: Ring Rows)

Rest 5-10 minutes


3 Rounds:

60 Seconds, ME HSPU

Rest 60 Seconds between efforts

Thursday 11-19-15



7 min EMOTM

3 Front Squats HEAVIER than 10-26-15



4 Rounds

Against a 3 minute clock:

3 Rope Climbs

12 KB Snatches (70/53)

Bear complexes for remainder of time (95/65)

Once you pick up the bar, it may not rest on ground.

200m Run Penalty for dropping bar (after workout)

Rest 60 Seconds


L3: 53/35

L2: 1-2 Rope Climbs, 44/26, 75/45

L1: Rope Climb Progressions, 35/15, Varied/Bar may rest on ground to reset

Wednesday 11-18-15


3 Cycles

10 C2B Pull-ups

10 T2B

Try for unbroken cycles




DB Lunges (70/50)

Single DB Goblet Squats (70/50)

Double Unders

Row for Calories


L3: Written

L2: 50/30, DU/SU

L1: 35/15, SU

Tuesday 11-17-15


7×3 Push Press @75-85%





Muscle Up

Snatch (full), 135/95


L3: 115/75 (Snatch to OHS, OK)

L2: Pull ups / Dips (Banded / Strict), 95/65 (Snatch to OHS, OK)

L1: Ring Rows / Push Ups, 75/55 Snatch or Clean

Monday 11-16-15

Reminder:  We begin our new hour classes today!  New schedule:

6:00a, 9:00a, 12:00n, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p, 7:30p!



7 min EMOTM

3 Squats HEAVIER than 10-28-15



Total time…

3 Rounds

250m Row

10 Ring Dips

10 Pistols

Rest 1 min

3 Rounds

Run 200m

50 DU

21 KB Swings (53/35)


L3: Written

L2: Banded Ring Dips, Box Pistols, DU/SU, 44/26

L1: Ring Holds, Squats, SU, 35/15

Sunday 11-15-15


5 Rounds NFT

3 Ring MU (Transition practice)

30 Second Hollow Hold



2 Rounds

4 min AMRAP:

15 Goblet Squats (70/53)

15 Broad Jumps

Rest 1 min between rounds


Rest 5 min


2 Rounds, 60 Seconds @ each station:

10 V-ups – Hollow hold (remainder of min)

Push ups

Mtn Climbers

Flutter Kicks

Rest 1 min between rounds


L3: As written

L2: 53/35, Rack Push-ups

L1: 44/26, Rack Push-ups

Saturday 11-14-15


6×4 Front Squat (70-80%)


Partner WOD:

For time…

Run 2400m

120 KB Swings

50 Tire flips

(One person running at all times)

Friday 11-13-15


OHS / DU Warm-up/Practice


Everyday Warrior WOD #2

20 Min. AMRAP

Row for Calories (All Divisions: 21/14 Cal)(RX: Damper Setting= 10/8)

7 OHS (RX: 115/75)(Masters, Scaled, Teen: 75/55)

21 Double Unders (Masters, Scaled: 63 singles (3/1 ratio))

Thursday 11-12-15


3 Cycles

10 PU

10 T2B

(Each cycle unbroken if possible)



12 min AMRAP:

Box-Sled Push (length of rig) (90/70)

10 Axel-bar G2OH (135/95)

Box-Sled Push (length of rig)

15 Burpees to 6” target


L3: 45/35, Axel-bar (115/75)

L2: Unweighted, Standard BB (95/65), No target

L1: Unweighted, Standard BB (75/45), 10 Burpees/No target

New Class: 30 min Core class with Coach Brittney

Starting this Tuesday night at 5:30pm we will be having Coach Brittney come in and teach us a core class. Many of you know her as the fix guru and the heavy lifter over in the corner. For those of you who haven’t met her, I’ll introduce her professionally:

Brittney Doran works with our friends at Head2to Spine and Sports Clinic up in Edmonds (see their awesome clinic here!). She is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Active Release Technique Provider who currently oversees Head2toe’s active rehabilitation program, and she excels at using functional movement evaluations to pinpoint the cause of injury and dysfunction.

Around the gym, she has been one of my personal weightlifting clients for several months and is happily married to Russell Wilson. She has two boxers, and enjoys among other things, soccer, an activity (sport?) she played at the collegiate level.

I asked Brittney to explain the class and she sent me this:

The Difference Between Core and Abs

A lot of the time, people think that when you say core, you mean abs.  Well that’s a major oversimplification. What is the difference between core and abs? The Rectus Abdominus, or the “six pack muscle”, is actually only one of six muscles that make up the core.  In its entirety, the core covers the lower back, stomach, hips and glutes.  These groups work together to support your spine and keep your entire body stable. It’s now scientifically proven that doing masses of sit ups and crunches won’t increase your core strength. You might see that six pack, eventually, but that actually depends much more on diet than “ab” exercises.

Really, the best cores strengthening moves are what we call “anti-“ moves. Anti-rotation, anti-flexion, anti-extension. It means your torso resists a movements rather than creates it. A good example is a suitcase carry vs. toes to bar. A suitcase carry forces your torso
to be stiff while your legs walk, whereas T2B require you to bend your torso in half.

The Benefits of having a strong core
Whether you are a competitive athlete, work in manual labor, or just like to garden at home, those body movements all utilize your low back, hips and abdominals.  Just imagine the possibilities if all those muscles are strong!  Having a weak core is like that old picnic race with the egg on the spoon. The egg is delicate, unstable, and wiggly. You spend half your energy just trying to keep it in place and not broken! Now imagine having a rock on the spoon. Much better. You win every time. That’s how your body feels when you try to work out with a wiggly mid-section, it’s spending half its energy keeping you from cracking. Imagine if ALL your strength could be focused on that weight?! Hello, PR.

If that ain’t enough to convince you, core weakness can also cause instability resulting in low back pain and other serious injuries. Core strength is one of the best injury prevention strategies there are!

How can I build a strong core and abs?
Ultimately, to be successful in a core work out, we have to avoid muscle isolation! Forget the sit-ups, V-ups and bicycle kicks.  If you really want to build a strong core, the new core class being offered here at Slate is a great way to learn how. Spend 30 minutes every week challenging and engaging those core muscles in whole new ways. Think you’re already too strong to need more work? Come show us how good you are 😉

Schedule Change Reminder

Just wanted to put up another reminder about the schedule change that starts next Monday, the 16th. The new schedule is as follows:

7:30pm (No Wednesday night 7:30pm class)

Saturday and Sunday
Same times as always

Why the changes?

After a year’s expirement with having 75 minute classes, we will be returning to a 60 minute class window. We’ve found that many people’s schedules are getting tighter and we are listening. We are also excited to be able to expand our class times to add more options for each member.

There won’t be too much of a disruption to the morning class times as they will remain the same, and we’ll be sure to get you out exactly on the hour. The night classes however will be shifting as the 5:45pm and 7:00pm times will no longer be available.

Another reason that I’m personally excited for the change is that we will now be able to have additional specialty classes in the evenings as well. I’m working on building a gymnastics oriented class and perhaps in the future we will host an Olympic Weightlifting class, a yoga class, an endurance class. (Suggestions available!)

And the first in a series of new launches is Brittney’s core class which will start on Tuesday at 5:30! (New post will follow this one)

I’m so excited to be able to add on the value and quality for each and every client here at Slate and let’s have a great holiday season!

– Jared

Tuesday 11-10-15


EMOTM for 10 min:

Even 5-10 HSPU

Odd 30 DU



For time…

60 FR Lunges (135/95)

Every 6, do one hang squat clean

*Each time the BB is set down or dropped from FR, run 100m

L3: 115/75

L2: 95/65

L1: 75/45, Power Clean

Monday 11-9-15


7×2 Hi-Hang Cleans (75-85%)



4 Rounds for time…

15 Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)

15 UB Wallballs (30/20 @10’/9’)

Rest 60 seconds

1 attempt at ME wallballs (unbroken, no pausing)


L3: 24”/20”, UB 20/14 @10’/9’

L2: 20”/12” Jump/Step-up, 14/10 @10’/9’

L1: Any height, Step-up, 14/10 @9’/8’

Sunday 11-8-15


7×2 Hang Snatches (full) @70-80%)



“Heavy Helen”

3 Rounds for time:

Level 4

Run 400m

21 KBS (70/53)

12 C2B PU

-Wear a 20lb Weight Vest


Level 3

Run 400m

21 KBS (70/53)

12 C2B PU


Level 2

Run 400m

21 KBS (53/35)

12 PU / Jumping PU


Level 1

Run 400/200m

15 KBS (44/26)

9 Jumping PU

Saturday 11-7-15

CrossFit Team Series Events 6&7


Establish 7RM Front Squat

*Barbell must start on the ground


Teams of 2/4

As a relay in the order M1 (M2) F1 (F2), each athlete completes:

30 deadlifts (185 / 135 lb.)

30-calorie row

30 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)

Friday 11-6-15


Everyday Warrior WOD #1

1a. 3 min AMRAP

Bar Facing Burpees

1b.  12 min

Find a 1RM Clean and Jerk
Remainder of class to work on a gymnastic weakness.

Thursday 11-5-15


7×2 Hang Cleans @80-90%



For time…

Level 4

7 Rope Climbs


3 Rounds:

Row 250m

10 OHS (95/65)

15 Box Jumps (30”/24”)


7 Rope Climbs


Level 3

5 Rope Climbs


3 Rounds:

Row 250m

10 OHS (95/65)

15 Box Jumps (24”/20”)


5 Rope Climbs


Level 2

5 Rope Climbs / Rope Climb Progressions


3 Rounds:

Row 250m

10 OHS (75/45)

10 Box Jumps / Step-ups (24”/20)


5 Rope Climbs / Rope Climb Progressions


Level 1

5 Rope Climb Progressions


3 Rounds:

Row 250m

10 FS (75/45)

10 Box Step-ups (20”/12”)
5 Rope Climb Progressions

Wednesday 11-4-15


3 Cycles:

3 Bar MU

5 C2B

7 PU

9 T2B

(Complete each cycle unbroken)




Level 4/3

Calorie Row

Ring Push ups

Double Unders

Wall Balls (30/20/14) to 10’/9’ Target


Rest 2 min

ME 1k Row


Level 2

Calorie Row

Push ups

Double Unders / Single Unders (2:1)

Wall Balls  (14/10) to 10’/9’ Target


Rest 2 min

ME 1k Row


Level 1

Calorie Row

Push ups on BB

Single Unders

Wall Balls (14/10) to 9’/8’ Target


Rest 2 min

ME 1k Row