You know it is everyone’s favorite question. (Especially when I mess up the posting schedule like I did yesterday)

So the big news is that the many of you following us on Instagram (@slatecrossfit) will be able to preview the next day’s WOD everyday at 2pm. So today at 2pm, you’ll be able to see Friday’s WOD!

We are proud to share our programming with anyone interested in seeing what it is that we do everyday. And for many of ya’ll working here at the gym, it is a great chance to start the plotting and planning a day in advance. (Although I’m sure Mikah will remain stubborn and wake up at 5:01am to see it on the website regardless) If you don’t follow us on Instagram, be sure to subscribe and you’ll see the WOD’s on your feed everyday. Plus you’ll find out what hashtags all the cool kids are using. (Last I checked #SelfieswithDentists is still decidedly not trending Robert.) – Coach Jared