Tuesday 3-31-15


Double-under drills and practice.

5 ME attempts – Homework assigned based on skill



This will be our last experience with the CrossFit Open until we turn over into the new year. This WOD is used throughout the CF world to check and see how your skills, strength, and conditioning are progressing. We will close out this year using the same scaling and progressions that you employed during the Open (scaled or RX’d) and then before the 2016 Open kicks off, we will retest. Call it the long play.

Bergeron’s “Open Test”

50 Wall Balls, 20/14
50 DU
40 BJ, 24/20
40 TTB
30 Burpee
30 C2B
20 Clean, 145/100
20 Jerks, 145/100
10 Snatches, 145/100
10 Muscle ups

Monday 3-30-15

We made it through the OPEN! Hooray and congrats to everyone who completed the workouts.

We will be returning to our regularly schedule programming over the next week. Looking forward to next week when we get to test out the Slate WOD and this Tuesday’s WOD which will be a benchmark to help you finalize your Open experience. (Not killer)


STRICT Ring Dips


Review, warm up and then 5 mins to establish ME on both.

Then EMOTM for 12 mins based on amount.

5 Dus
5 Front Squats (95/65)
5 Pull ups
rest 3 mins
5 Dus
5 Front Squats
5 Pull ups
rest 3 mins
40 DUs
30 Front Squats
20 Pull ups



In 12 mins work to a heavy triple front squat 


EMOTM for 7 mins 

3 reps at 75% of highest successful lift


AMRAP for 7 mins of 

7 burpees 

7 hang power cleans (115/85)

Saturday 3-28-15


Tabata Style 8 rounds of 20 secs on/20 secs off

Ring Holds

Hollow holds

Partner WOD:

10 Push Press 115/85
10 KBS 70/53
10 Box Jumps 24/20

Partner’s alternate completed rounds. Full speed during your turn, rest during your buddies.

Friday 3-27-15

It’s the last CrossFit Open WOD! 15.5 is a mix of thrusters and rowing for calories so we will be looking at those two movements in the warmup before tackling as best we can. 

Food theme for the evening throw down is “meat on a stick” and “please dear Lord don’t bring anymore chips”

Costume theme is to rep your team. The up to date scores will be up so we can track a final winner! 

Let’s close this out in style! 

What I Look for in a Coach

When I first looked into CrossFit for my own training 5 years ago, I knew I was looking for a certain type of coach. As someone passionate about education and working on a counseling degree, I had a decent image of what would make for a good fit. Since Slate opened last year, I’ve had to clarify what it is that I am looking for in a coach even more. We get a lot of applications at Slate and I love visiting other gyms, this list helps my sort through both of these experiences.

First and foremost, I want someone who understands that coaching is a job.
Coaching CrossFit is a job where you show up on time, act professional, dress appropriately, listen to your boss, hit your assignments, and perform well. It has W-2’s and comes with responsibility. I feel like I could do a whole post on what coaching is not. It is a profession, it can be a career, and many people do it very well.

Closely related, I want someone who is a coach, not an athlete.
There is a distinct difference between being an athlete and being a coach. First on the list of what coaching is not is “A coach is not simply a more developed athlete.” Coaching is an entirely separate mindset, and being good at one is no guarantee of the other. Athletes are focused on achieving their goals, their own performance, and executing a game plan. Coaches are focused on their athletes, creating an environment where clients can perform and learn, and developing said game plan.

I want a coach who is focused on their job.
CrossFit is awesome for making friends and being friendly. I love catching up with my clients before/after class, but not at the cost of the next class. Remember that each client is giving you their time and money. They are paying just as much as the last class and your favorite client. Ask yourself if you see a coach who likes to shuffle off to the side and chat with the competitive team working through their extra work, or perhaps offers his vast knowledge to the hot girl working on handstands. If you do, maybe its time to find a new coach.

I want an active coach.
I love coaching group classes. Seriously, with all the movement, all the people, and being able to move around,  I feel at comfortable and at home. I look for the same in my coaches. Does your coach like to perch atop a certain spot and eye her class from afar? Or does she like to walk around, varying distances and perspectives to see your form and movement from different angles? Paying college bills meant waiting tables and bartending. There I learned about performing “table touches.” The goals is to literally touch, speak to or at the very least look at each table on each and every trip. Clients become tables, platforms even help complete this image. Good coaches stay moving and stay active during their classes.

I want a relatable coach (part A) and I want a kind coach (Part B).
It’s a people job. That means connecting to and understand up to 20 different people an hour. It mean’s building some kind of relationship to connect with them. The last thing I want to hear or see is a coach berating an athlete. Wish I could say this was a rare thing and I’ve been surprised by who I’ve watched dress down their client in public. (side note: That embarrassment you are feeling for that person is how that coach should feel about themselves) If you are leaving the gym consistently feeling that you’ve let your coach down, please say something, or try a new gym. All humans have bad days, off days, complicated days, and a good coach will not only see this, but they will figure out a way to help you work through it.

I want an educated and ever-curious coach.
In fact I’d rather have a curious coach than a coach who knows “everything.” When is the last time you saw your coach stumped? Better yet maybe you heard them say that they would ask around and come back with a better answer. If you did, you have a great coach. Good coaching is a balance of learning, leadership, solid deductions, and creativity. At the basis of it all is a commitment to never stop learning. You are required by CrossFit HQ to have an L1, great. In six months, you’d better have something else. Other certifications and educational avenues are super important to me.

Clients surprise me constantly. Over the past four years I have seen some interesting movement patterns and positions. Some have completely left me flabbergasted and frustrated. The best sentence any coach can learn is “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”  In coaches meetings, sometimes I toss my hands up and ask how to handle a client that is rubbing me the wrong way or I feel stuck with. A hallmark of a good coach is a natural sense of curiosity and drive to learn more.

I want a coach who understands the darker responsibilities of being a coach.
The wording on that is weird, but I couldn’t think of a better way to say it. Honestly coaching is the most fun job I have ever had. I get to shoot the shit with my clients while we work towards heavy double cleans, I get to joke around with them while we warm up, and I love celebrating the various achievements and milestones. That’s the part that draws most people towards the job. On the flip side there is a certain gravity that comes with the job. People will get injured if your coaching notebook is full of bullshit. Any injury to a client extends further out than simply quitting your gym, and will affect their work, social and relational lives. Responsibility means being brave and saying something to the intimidating client throwing double body-weight around. Letting little form tweaks go consistently will add up for that client you really like.

For example: What do you do when one of your clients comes up and tells you sheepishly that she is pregnant? (Personally, I yip, squeal and hug her) But then I calm down and begin to answer her questions surrounding continuing classes at Slate. Let’s be perfectly frank, your L1 didn’t cover prenatal and postpartum exercise programming. Are you really going to go off a website, pinterest photos, and/or an online forum you read about a mom who did? If at the back of your mind you know your answer is held together with an argument  like “well other people have, and I’ve seen it on a few main site pictures,” please don’t lie to your client. Yes, I’ve had many many clients keep lifting all the way into the last trimester, and come back in less than a month after having a child. It’s damned impressive. I’ve also had clients who for whatever reason lost their pregnancy and handling that sorrow and loss is immensely challenging and sobering.


Most coaches will start because they love coaching, and this whole list assumes that as a given. (Please don’t be a burnt out coach) After doing it full-time for four years, I adore the job. Seriously, being a coach is the best job in the world. It allows me to be social and around people all day. It lets me be a nerd, to geek out and research different techniques, styles, and patterns endlessly. It is rewarding in that I get to help participate in the rewriting of someone’s life. It is also a job that holds some level of depth and responsibility that I both honor and embrace. When I look around for a coach for my own development, when I am hiring a new coach, or dropping in on a box, I’m looking at this list to help guide me.


Thursday 3-26-15



5-5-5-5-5-5 @ 65-70% of max 

Must control lower, even through last rep



15 min cap


Run 400m

21 KBS (American, 53/35)

12 pull-ups 

Wednesday 3-25-15

Strength Day!

A) Power Snatch – 5×2

B) Power Clean & Push Jerk – 5×2

C) Overhead Squat – 3×3

D) Build 2 mins upside down

Christian will be demoing some of the shoulder mobility for handstand progressions that are helpful. 


Review Burpee technique (no… really)
Review Thruster technique

10 min EMOTM

Odd) 6+ Burpees
Even) 6+ Thrusters

All skill work will be light and focused on hitting your marks, the WOD will be fast paced and heavy enough. 


1 min each round of

Round 1) 12 DB thrusters (35/20)
Round 2) 12 KBS (70/53)
Round 3) 12 Wall Balls (20/14)
Round 4) 12 Ring Dips
If you finished all reps, rest 3min
Otherwise run 200m and rest the remainder of the 3min

1) 15 DB thrusters
2) 15 KBS
3) 15 Wall Balls
4) 15 Ring Dips
If you finished all reps, rest 3min
Otherwise run 200m and rest the remainder of the 3min

1) 18 DB thrusters
2) 18 KBS
3) 18 Wall Balls
4) 18 Ring Dips
If you finished all reps, rest 3min
Otherwise run 200m

Burpees = total reps you did not complete in the above intervals

Monday 3-23-15


15 mins to find heavy DOUBLE hang clean


Buy in: Row 500m

Then 4RFT 

5 Front Squats (205/135)

10 C2B pull-ups

Buy out: Row 500m

Sunday 3-22-15


Back squat 

12 mins to find a heavy single 


65% for 20 reps with a 5 second pause


6 RFT 

200m run

10 burpee box jump overs

Saturday 3-21-15


Review and Warm up
Snatch Balance
– then –
EMOTM for 8 mins

1 Snatch Balance + 2 OHS

Partner WOD

A) 20 Knees to Elbow
B) Max Hang from Bar

30 Wallballs over the rig

A) Deadlift Hold (225/155)
B) 20 Cal Row

50 Wallballs over the rig

A) Plank Hold
B) 20 Burpees over partner

70 Wallballs over the rig


Thursday 3-19-15



Work for 14 mins to a solid (not crushing) 6 TnG Deadlifts


Run 200m

30 Ring Push-ups 

10 Front Squats (115/75)

Run 200m

30 Ring Rows (RX is feet on box parallel to height of rings) 

10 FS

Run 200m

30 Wallballs

10 FS 

When Water Is Just Too Boring

As a nutrition student, it is hard to admit that one of my difficulties in following a healthy lifestyle is drinking enough water. For some reason, I oftentimes forget to drink water during the day, and only recently I have made a concerted effort to find ways to integrate it into my regular routine. Water has always seemed kind of boring to me, except of course after an intense workout when I can’t seem to think of anything but water! When it comes down to the numbers, water is one of the best things we can give our bodies. We lose an average of 2 cups of water just through normal daily perspiration, another 2 cups via breathing, and our digestive system uses a whopping 6 cups just during its daily activities… that is 10 cups of water, without adding exercise in!

Most people don’t drink enough fluid during the day, and it can be all too easy to replace water with sugar sweetened drinks, since those leave more of an impression on our tongues! Although water can come from many sources, it is important to try and include beverages (like pure water!) that contain less additives since our body has to work to digest those substances.

Below I listed some tips to amp up your hydration. Drink Up, the Open Finals are next week!

  • All fluids from beverages and foods “count” toward hydration. This means that the soup you had for lunch, and the smoothie you had for breakfast, and even your coffee, all contribute water molecules to your body. This isn’t a pass to drink coffee all day and avoid water, however, if you aren’t a fan of plain water, try to include more water-based foods such as soups, and smoothies, along with fresh fruits and vegetables to increase hydration throughout the day.
  • Bring a glass or stainless steel water bottle with you for the day and see how many times you normally fill it up. Make it a goal to double that over the next week or two if you find you are only filling up 1 or 2 times during the day. Plastic water bottles contain chemicals that are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, so try to stay clear. Buying plastic bottles can also add up, so it is worth it to invest in a glass or stainless steel bottle.
  • “Dress up” your water with fresh fruits and herbs. Adding slices of lime, lemon, orange, or fresh berries to your water along with herbs such as fresh mint, basil or rosemary can bring new life to “boring” water. Keeping a water pitcher in your fridge with these additions can make water easier to choose instead of soda or juice.
  • Try tea. Not all teas are created equal, and if you haven’t found one you like yet, don’t give up! I found that the 3-4 cups of coffee I used to drink during the day wasn’t because I wanted the caffeine, but was craving the comfort of something warm. Try replacing one cup of coffee with tea and see how your body responds. The traditional black, green and white teas are caffeinated, but can be overpowering for some people. Herbal teas are not caffeinated, and can be more pleasant to drink for people who struggle with black and green teas. Look for organic varieties of teas, as toxins and pesticides are more concentrated in dried herbs. One of my favorite places to find bulk herbs to make my own tea is Mountain Rose Herbs (mountainroseherbs.com), and also Herban Wellness (http://www.herbanwellness.net/) in Kirkland. A cup of herbal tea before bedtime can also soothe your body and help you fall asleep more quickly.

General Hydration Recommendations

  • For a good indicator of hydration, look at the color of your urine. The more yellow it is, the more water your body needs. You are on the right track the closer it comes to clear.
  • To estimate your fluid needs divide your body weight by 2. The resulting number is a good estimate of how many ounces your body needs. If you are a 200 pound person, aim for 100 oz of water during the day.
  • Monitor your fluid loss during exercise-how much are you sweating? If you are someone who sweats a lot, weighing yourself before and after exercise can help estimate how much fluid you need to replace.
  • Do not restrict fluid before, during or after a workout, your body needs water for the chemical reaction that creates energy for your workout.
  • If you want to drink caffeinated beverages such as coffee to enhance your workout, wait until just before you hit the gym because caffeine has a diuretic effect.

Drink Up Slate!! Yes Derek, beer does count on Friday 🙂

Wednesday 3-18-15


4×8 Seated dumbbell strict press

Tempo 4042


2 rounds, 1 min each station, score is total reps

Single arm KBS (R arm, 53/35)

Row for cals 

Single arm KBS (L arm, 53/35)

Row for cals

American KBS 

Rest 1 min

Tuesday 3-17-15


EMOTM for 10mins

1 squat clean + 2 FS

Add weight between each round. No misses



Man makers


Box jumps (30″/24″)


Monday 3-16-15

5 Rounds of
A1) 4 Push Press (increasing)
A2) 8 Pullups



30 reps for time of:

Clean and Jerk (135/95)

Sunday 3-15-15

HSPU Progressions


10 Front Squats


60 Burpees

100 Double Unders

It’s Pi Day!

For today’s WOD we will be featuring everyone’s favorite fitness element: Running. Once a year we test your 5k run time as a measure of your overall level of fitness. Many workout programs are designed to get you into shape for a 5k, thinking about one called “Couch to 5k.” Why not just go out and see what you can do? One of the ten areas of fitness that CrossFit is designed to cover is cardiovascular endurance. And another is stamina. 5k runs are a fantastic, albeit unique to our more traditional style WODs.

I will say that if you are in better shape than before you started you should try it, set a benchmark and track your progress.

9am class –

Warmup, stretch, then WOD is a 5k Run

Noon class –

Warmup, stretch then a Pi day themed WOD that also involves a lot of running.

Both classes will have pie. If you’d like to bring math-y or pi themed foods and stuff we will be there.


If you are still looking to do 15.3, open gym will be a fantastic chance to log your score. See you then.


Pi rules.

Friday 3-13-15

Open WOD 15.3


AMRAP for 14 mins

7 Muscle ups

50 Wallballs (20/14)

100 double unders


50 Wallballs (14/10, both men and women to a 9′ target)

200 single unders

Coaching notes:

I’m surprised at the scaling as much as anyone. Several people have already asked me what they can do for muscle-up practice, and there are several good progression videos out there (Carl Paoli’s is my personal favorite). Sadly, for many people, the truth is that a muscle up isn’t going to magically appear in the next 24-72 hours. My best advice is to place it as high up on the list as your squat and snatch technique and next year, rock them. 

“But Jared, those wallballs are super light and do I really have to do single unders?”

My answer for everyone tomorrow will be: Yes. If you are scaling it tomorrow, do the fully scaled workout and no extra killing yourself with a higher target or a heavier ball. 14 mins will be a long time and I’m going to get a lot of you will get very fatigued very fast with the light weight and high intensity. Go kill the workout and get five rounds plus. If it is so easy for you, show off and go kill one workout more than you ever have before. See what happens. 

Wednesday 3-11-15

Strength Day

A) Clean and Jerk 5×2+1 (5 sets of 2 cleans plus 1 jerk)

B) Clean Pulls 3×3

C) Back Squat 3×5

D) 50 ring push-ups (not for time)

Tuesday 3-10-15


A1) 5 Strict Press

A2) 8-10 GHD Situps




Seven rounds for time of:
15 KBS (Green/Yellow)
15 Power cleans (95/65)
15 Box jumps, 24/20

Monday 3-9-15


5 Ground to Overhead 135/95
40 DU
10 Ground to Overhead 115/85
40 DU
15 Ground to Overhead 95/65
40 DU
20 Ground to Overhead  75/45
40 DU

Saturday 3-7-15


Power Cleans

5×3 (not touch and go)


Teams of 3

AMRAP for 20 mins

Partner A – Row for Cals

Partner B – Walking Front Rack Lunge w/KB for 50′

Partner C – Rest

Score is total number of cals rowed!

If you are looking to come in and do 15.2 today, the best time will be during open gym from 10am-12pm! We can get you warmed up and through the workout like a pro!!



Friday 3-6-15

CrossFit Open WOD 15.2

Warm up, mobilize, strategize, then go get your best score!!!

Thursday 3-5-15


A1) 8 Strict pull-ups (weighted if necessary)

A2) TGU 3R/3L


AMRAP 14 mins

2 rounds of Cindy

2,4,6,8…. Body weight back squats

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Whether you are omnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan it is important to consider protein, especially quality protein when engaging in vigorous exercise (like CrossFit). However, protein has been given considerable attention, while the importance of carbohydrates has fallen to the wayside. Every protein supplement company will have you believe that it is imperative for you to consume a protein shake post workout to get optimal results. But, how true is this?

During exercise, you body uses glycogen (the storage form of carbohydrate) for energy, and it is important to replenish these after you workout so the next time you are at the gym your body has the energy needed to push to the next level. Pre and post workout meals and snacks ideally contain both a protein and carbohydrate. If you consume only protein, you miss an important opportunity to provide your body with the energy from carbohydrates.

Protein supplements and shakes can be part of a balanced diet, but I encourage these to be used as an addition to food, and not as a meal replacement. For some competitive athletes, especially those who are vegan or vegetarian, it may be more difficult to get adequate protein from food sources (though it is possible depending on the person). For those who consume meat, it is likely you can get adequate protein from food sources.

Although carbohydrates are equally important pre and post workout, it is important to consider protein throughout the day to keep your energy up. Try to include protein in every meal and snack to keep you satiated and your metabolism going. Find yourself getting hungry often? Increase the amount of protein from different sources to see if your body responds better and stays fuller longer! I have found that two eggs with veggies in the morning keep me full until lunch compared to a bowl of oatmeal with nuts/seeds. My husband prefers the oatmeal because he gets hungry after the eggs, not one person is the same!

Below are five quick and easy ideas for pre/post workout on-the-go snacks that are a good balance of protein and carbohydrates!

1. Banana + Peanut Butter

Switch up your fruit + nut butter (almond, cashew, sunflower, etc) for many combos.

2. Hummus + Pita (or Veggies)

Explore the different flavors of hummus available, many stores carry them in small size for travel. Look for whole wheat pita bread, or pita chips. You can cut veggies at home or purchase pre-cut at the grocery store.

3. Yogurt + Granola/Fruit

Try plain yogurt or greek yogurt and add the sweetness with fresh fruit or granola. Make sure to look at the ingredient label of the yogurt and granola to make sure it doesn’t contain more than a few grams of added sugar (the less the better!).

4. Tuna/Turkey + Bread/”Green” Wrap

Choose whole wheat bread or a collard leaf/chard leaf/romaine lettuce to make a quick sandwich or wrap.

5. Homemade Trail Mix Grab a few handfuls of homemade trail mix.

Choose your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruit (look for unsweetened dried fruit) from the bulk section at the grocery store for a more affordable trail mix.


Have fun finding new snacks to add to your current repertoire, and seeing how your body responds in the gym!

Wednesday 3-4-15





On a 3 min clock: Run 200m

Then in remaining time:

Round 1 – Box jumps

Round 2 – Hang Power Cleans 

Round 3 – Chest to Bar pull-ups

Round 4 – Push-ups w/HR

Round 5 – Sit-ups 

Tuesday 2-3-15

Slate DAY!


Find a 3RM Push Press

Spend 2 mins in between sets, working to find max rep double-unders


Wallballs (20/14)

Compare to your day 3 Elements time and see your progress!