Push Press




(compare to 8-6-14)

8 Strict Pull Ups
8 Box Jumps 36/24
12 KBS 70/53

Scaling Guide: this is a longer workout, don’t rush out the gate and burn out 5min in.  Set a pace you can keep for a longer period of time and try to keep moving.  That said – just because this is a hero WOD, it doesn’t mean it cannot be scaled:

  • Strict Pull Ups have a strong eccentric component.  Scale the reps if you need to.  Scale to ring rows on this one rather than to negatives, and chin ups are always an acceptable option.
  • If you are new to Crossfit, 20min is a long WOD.  There’s nothing wrong with taking planned rest.  You’ll find that most of your more experienced classmates will find a way to break it up.  Try working in 3min intervals with 1 – 2min rest in between, or maybe doing 1-2 rounds  with a set rest in between.  You’ll probably get more work done this way than if you go to failure and need to stop and recover.