So…there have been some talks about burpees, beer, prizes and all that good stuff.  What about the other details???  Below is a breakdown of how you may earn points for your team, how teams will be chosen and a theme for each week!

Let’s start with a couple of the important facts:

For every person who signs up on 15 burpees for the coaches

If we have 45 people sign up on the Games website: Jared will let Stacey color his hair



During the Open (Starting Feb. 27), Friday schedule:

3:00-5:00 Open Gym

5:00-7:30 Crossfit Open Heats/Judging

If you cannot make it to a Friday night, you may still have your workout judged.  Please make arrangements with the coaches as soon as possible.  Thanks!



10 points for completing a workout, but not signing up on:

30 points for each workout, if you do!

10 bonus points if you capture your sign up moment on social media (a link is provided at the bottom of your confirmation page).

30 points for each PR – Movement first, PR String of movements, weight PR, et al.

Top 3 men and women: 50 for first, 40 for second, 30 for third

50 points for bringing a friend! (They don’t have to workout, just come in and watch/cheer/check it out)

10 points for wearing a Slate Crossfit T-shirt

15 points for wearing a costume

50 points for Team Spirit Award per week

10 points for bringing food

10 points for bringing beer/drink

5 points for every Instagram picture (taken on the Friday nights)

5 points for every Facebook check-in (during the Open)



Top Male and Female Athlete

Spirit of the Games

Best food

Best Costume



This is all about working together, and having a great time doing it! If you have a few friends you would like to team up with, please shoot us a message, email, or let us know in person!  We will be organizing the teams on Tuesday, February 24, so all requests must be before!  We will be selecting the teams randomly, but ensuring that some of our more seasoned /competitive athletes, are spread out between all three Coaches.

Once you’re signed up on the Games website, let us know so we can add you to the list!



Week One: No theme, but you will see team flags, some music and prizes explained!

Week Two: Action Movies

Week Three: Science Fiction

Week Four: 80’s

Week Five: No theme, but we will have some fun things set up to close out the Open!