Understanding someone’s approach to health and wellness gives insight into how they live their life. My life has seen some pretty big changes in the last few years, most recently since moving to Seattle from Wisconsin, starting a graduate program, and getting married! Let me start out by sharing that I have experienced my fair share of diets, exercise routines, and lack of care for my overall health. My journey has brought me more awareness of what most people consider “healthy”, and I can relate to the frustration of not knowing what I’m supposed to be eating because advertising tells me one thing, Dr. Oz tells me another, and family and friends also share their opinions.


The thought of sharing your relationship to food with another person is a scary thing. What foods you purchase at the grocery store, the foods you cook (or don’t cook!) at home, along with the way you eat these foods are all very personal. I am here not to pass judgment, but to act as a support system to the ways wellness and health are important, and fit into your lifestyle. Your goals and life path are different than the person next to you on the bus, at work, or in the gym, and so your path to health, including your food choices, will also be different.


Everyone has an opinion regarding what good or optimal nutrition is, which can make choosing foods an exasperating and confusing experience. My current graduate experience has taught me that although nutrition is deeply rooted in science-based research, the results can often be misinterpreted in the media and often precipitate fad diets. I try to provide the most current, science-based information, while balancing traditional nutrition practices that have been successfully applied for thousands of years. These traditional recommendations frequently parallel current scientific research, however they also emphasize the importance of recognizing individuality and a persons ability to participate in their own path to health.


A pattern will emerge in my blog posts regarding local, seasonal and organic foods. I have not always eaten this way, especially growing up and living in the Midwest! Organic whole foods were a foreign concept to me until fairly recently, and I understand that not everyone can afford or chooses to eat this way. I respect your food choices, and hope to be a guide along your journey to wellness and offer the support you ask for without fear of judgment.


Please email me for any nutrition, health, or wellness topics you are interested in learning more about and I will be happy to post about them!