This is a post from Coach Bill who is in the transition process over to Kuwait. Let’s spend a year improving our rowing, so when he returns we will be stronger than ever.

Featured below is a short video from Olympic silver medalist and CrossFitter Krista Guloien. She talks on working with the erg on a broader level than last week’s video. Her focus here on the erg is length and power.

Think of those things as you work on the rower even in a warmup.

Length begins with your depth in the catch and ends with your lean back in the finish. In this video, Krista leans back farther and pulls the handle higher on her chest than we recommend, but keep in mind how much time she’s spent rowing and on the erg. Your lean should be about 5 to 10 degrees and the handle should end at the bottom of your rib cage.

Power comes almost exclusively in the drive from your legs. The power we develop and use in Olympic lifts like the deadlift and the clean will help you in the drive. And your work on the erg will help you in those lifts.