Squats, box jumps, double-unders and even push presses are well known to develop and increase your vertical jump. As a previous collegiate basketball athlete, I can attest that each of the previously listed movements works really well at increasing the vertical jump. There is one HUGE movement that is missing from that well-known list, DEADLIFTS.  

The NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) did research on the overall benefits of barbell deadlifts.  One of the many benefits that resulted in this research was the increase in vertical jump performance.

The focus of the study was to analyze the relationships between training-induced changes in rapid torque in the hip/knee and vertical jump performance.

Results of the test:

  • Increases of 18.8-49% for rapid torque with in hips and knee extensors and flexors
  • Increases of 20cm – 11.3cm (7.87in – 4.44in) in vertical jump

These findings show that a proper barbell deadlift training program was effective at enhancing rapid torque capacities in both the knee extensors and flexors, which in turn increased height of the vertical jump performance.

If one of your goals in the gym is to increase your “vert,” deadlifts are imperative to achieving that goal.  We haven’t installed a rim yet at the gym, but you will learn how to deadlift correctly to improve your power, strength and explosiveness. If you are more of a sideline type of fan and increasing your vertical isn’t one of your explicit goals, you’ll still receive the same benefits mentioned in this study!