Cleans – 12min to a heavy double


“Bergeron Beep Test”

EMOTM as long as possible of:
7 Thrusters 75/55
7 Burpees
7 Pull-Ups
**Spealler was 17 rounds + 16
**We will help you scale if needed


45s Plank Walk Ups
rest 15s
30s Hollow Hold
Rest 30s
–rest 60s–
30 Alternating arm/leg V Ups
Plank Walkup – Plank on your elbows.  Move one arm into a push-up postion, then the other.  Reverse.. one arm down to a plank on the elbows and then the other.  Repeat for 45s.
Alternating V-Ups – Instead of both hands meeting both feet.. V-Up your right hand to your left foot.  Go back down.  V-Up your left hand to your left foot.  Repeat for 30 total (15/side alternating.)