Sunday 11-30-2014


Skill Review:  KB Snatch
A1) 4×5 Unbroken KB Snatch/arm
A2) 30s at the bottom of the OHS (PVC, empty bar or 2 light KBs)
**Do an unbroken set of 5 on one hand, switch hands and repeat.  That’s one set.


3 rounds:
Farmer Carry down
10 Double KB Thrusters
Farmer Carry back
**During the WOD you must also row a total of 1000m in at least 2 sets
**Each of the 3 rounds is unbroken.  Without setting the KB down.  If the KB is set down during a round, there is a penalty of 1 round of Cindy before continuing.  2 rounds the 2nd time.  3 rounds the 3rd time etc..

Saturday 11-29-2014


Deadlift 5×5 (across) 80-85%
After each set: 3-5 Strict Chin-Ups (add weight if possible)


With a partner, alternating complete rounds within each AMRAP:
Weights are maxes, scale accordingly.. in a 3min AMRAP you should be moving fast.

5 Back Squats 185/135 (From the floor)
5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
**Non-working Partner:  KB Front Rack Hold

40 Double Unders
4 Front Squats 135/95 (From the floor)
**Non-working partner:  Overhead KB Hold

10 Cal Row
3 Burpees to 45# Plate
**Non-working partner: KB Wall Sit

1min Rest between AMRAPs.  Reps count only when partner has KB in position.  If the KB touches the floor at any point, both partners do 10 push-ups (with HR) before continuing.

Wednesday 11-26-2014


A1) 3×20 (10/leg) single leg KB Deadlift
A2) 3×10 (5/side) TGU


Everyday Warrior Week 4 (final) workout
15min AMRAP
60 Cal Row
50 Burpees over the bar
30 Ground to Overhead 95/65 (75/45)
10 Chest to Bar (Jumping Chest to Bar)

Burpees:  You do not need to fully open your hips, but you MUST land horizontal to the bar

Jumping Chest to Bar:  The bar should be at least 8 inches above your head.  Arms must fully extend at the bottom.


Tuesday 11-25-2014


(Strict) Muscle Up Progressions

We will be going over:
–False Grip
–The Transition (feet on the floor or on a box)
–Proper Ring Dip form and ROM
**If you already have a strict MU, you will still review the basics with the group before transitioning to the high rings
A1)  3×5 False Grip Pull-Ups (or 10 FG Ring Rows)
A2) 3×5 Transitions on the low rings
A3) 3×5  Ring Dips
**If you are close to a strict MU, give it 3 good tries before moving into the supersets
**If you already have a strict MU, do 3 sets of 1-5 strict MU


EOMOTM (every other minute)
3 Heavy Front Squats (use a rack)
3-5 HSPU
**If you don’t have HSPU, sub 5 Jump Squats + 5 HR Push Ups

Do this as long as possible (8 round cap), adding weight each round
If you finish 8 rounds without failing you didn’t go heavy enough
If you fail before finishing 5 rounds, rest 1 round.  Drop 10-20# and continue.
If you are new – we don’t want you going to failure on your squats.  Find a moderate weight to use for the intervals.  If it is still easy on the 4th round, bump it up slightly.

“Sally Up” with Air Squats

Monday 11-24-2014


Snatch Balance 5×2 (increase as you are able)
**If your best full snatch is 135/85 or higher, add a full Snatch after the Snatch Balance
accumulate 2min in the bottom of the OHS


Christmas Throwdown WOD#3

42 Double Unders (Scaled 82 single unders)
24 KB Swings RX(1.5/1) Scaled(1/.75)
12 Up and Overs Rx(24/20) Scaled (24/20)
*scaled step ups are allowed


Gym News

There are a few new faces since our last update. If you have not yet met Alex, Savannah, Eric or Charles be sure to introduce yourself in class and welcome them to Slate.

Remember sagar and Dom? They are back! Check in on them and let them know they have been missed. The first week or two back can be challenging, so give them a little extra support in a WOD. They’ll be there for you when you need a boost, let them know you’re with them now!

Carrie is collecting recipes for a cookbook.  If you have a favorite you’d like to see included, please send it to her by 12/15:

Lot’s of PRs this last week on the squats, and one week left to go.
Stacey and David will be representing Slate at the christmas Throwdown 12/6. Come out and show your support if you can make it down! If anybody else registered please let me know ASAP ( or let me know in class), I want to be sure you have the help you need leading up to and during the competition.

You’ll see some updates soon to the site which will include announcements of upcoming local competitions.  For those of you looking to compete – keep an eye out, and let me know if you register.  I want to make sure that any of our members who decide to compete are getting the support they need to get the most of the experience.

Deadlifts will be back a little more often now that we’re out of Squat-tober. This does not mean that squats will go away. We will always squat. A lot.

You may already have noticed the core work being added after some of the WODs. Expect this to continue 1-2x/week.

And.. the Open. It’s coming soon. We have no way to know what we’ll see this coming year, or what the new scaled division will look like. What we can do is look back at past years and make a few guesses. (Burpees will almost certainly show up again. Sorry, Ann.) We probably can expect Snatches. And Thrusters..
14.1 – Double Under / Power Snatch
14.2 – Overhead Squat / Chest to Bar Pull Up
14.3 – Box Jumps / Deadlifts
14.4 – Row / Toes to Bar / Wall Ball / Power Clean / Muscle Up
14.5 – Burpee / Thrusters

13.1 – Snatches / Burpees
13.2 – Shoulder to Overhead / Deadlift / Box Jump
13.3 – Wall Balls / Double Under / Muscle Up
13.4 – Clean & Jerk / Toes to Bar
13.5 – Thrusters / Chest to Bar Pull Ups

12.1 – Burpees
12.2 – Snatches
12.3 – Box Jumps / Push Press / Toes to Bar
12.4 – Wall Balls / Double Unders / Muscle Ups
12.5 – Thrusters / Chest to Bar Pull Ups

11.1 – Double Unders / Power Snatches
11.2 – Deadlifts / Push Ups / Box Jumps
11.3 – Squat Clean & Jerk
11.4 – Burpees / Overhead Squats / Muscle Ups
11.5 – Power Cleans / Toes to Bar / Wall Balls
11.6 – Thrusters / Chest to Bar Pull Ups
More importantly – you can have a look at the list and ask yourself which of these movements you hope do not show up.

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but – hope is not a strategy. The good news is, you still have time. Is there something in this list you avoid? If you see Toes to Bar or Double Unders in a WOD.. are you tempted to stay home? This, then, is possibly something you need to work on.

To that end, you will be seeing a few changes/additions to the programming as we prepare for the Open.

1) You will still be working on strength. If you want to move that 135# Clean & Jerk quickly under fatigue it helps if this is lower percentage of your 1RM. You will (as I said earlier) still be squatting. That said – you will continue seeing more EMOTMs in the strength portion as we focus more on cycling the weight more efficiently.

2) There is going to be a lot of skill work and EMOTMs are going to show up there as well. Take a look back over that list. You can string together 50 Double Unders – but can you do so under fatigue? Can you do 90 of them after you just did Karen? For more complex skills we will still be doing a lot of non-fatigue based skill work.

3) You will start to see some optional skill work showing up after the WOD. This is optional. If it attacks a weakness, you are encouraged to do this before/after class or at open gym. This could be work geared toward building or solidifying a gymnastics skill. It could be meant to help you learn to develop your own pacing strategies. Like I said – it’s optional work, there for you to take advantage of if you have the time/inclination and by all means.. if Weds we posted some optional work for Double Unders and you missed class but really need to work on that skill – do it another day!

Sunday 11-23-2014


Push Press
12min to find a 5RM


3 Rounds
200m Sprint (sub 250m Row)
15 Heavy Russian KBS
10 Box Jump Overs (both feet, no hands on the box)
60s Rest

Saturday 11-22-2014


Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 (across)


For time, with a partner, alternating every 5 reps:
40 Deadlifts (while parter does push-ups)  225/155
30  Shoulder to Overhead (while partner does air squats) 165/115
20  Front Squats (while partner does jumping lunges) 155/105
10   Front Rack Lunges (while partner does pull-ups) 135/95
**One bar, change the weights each exercise


Friday 11-21-2014


Cleans – 12min to a heavy double


“Bergeron Beep Test”

EMOTM as long as possible of:
7 Thrusters 75/55
7 Burpees
7 Pull-Ups
**Spealler was 17 rounds + 16
**We will help you scale if needed


45s Plank Walk Ups
rest 15s
30s Hollow Hold
Rest 30s
–rest 60s–
30 Alternating arm/leg V Ups
Plank Walkup – Plank on your elbows.  Move one arm into a push-up postion, then the other.  Reverse.. one arm down to a plank on the elbows and then the other.  Repeat for 45s.
Alternating V-Ups – Instead of both hands meeting both feet.. V-Up your right hand to your left foot.  Go back down.  V-Up your left hand to your left foot.  Repeat for 30 total (15/side alternating.)


Thursday 11-20-2014


Everyday Warrior Week 3
The Gym WOD is the OHS Max  attempt

Only those who have registered in the Scaled division will be testing the max Back Squat

10 Minute Clock (6 Attempts Allowed)
1 Rep Max from the Rack

RX: Max OH Squat
Scaled: Max Back Squat

The bar will start from the rack for all three divisions. An “attempt” is when the bar is taken from the rack. Movement standard; hips crease below the knee and the athlete must stand up completely with hips locked out. The athlete is responsible for his or her own bar. If the bar falls to the ground, the athlete must get the bar back on the rack by himself or herself.

Score: Weight of the heaviest successful attempt.


Working against a partner for 2 rounds (2min rest between rounds)
Partner A) 500m Row or 400m Run
50 Double Unders (coaches will help you scale)
Partner B) 25 ab-mat Sit-Ups
Max KB Snatch (sub C&J or H2H KB Swings) 53/35

For Rx, each time the KB is set down, you loose 10 points
**H2H:  Hand to Hand.   1-arm swings.  Alternating.  Switch hands in the air.

Score is the number of KBS.

A round is finished when both partners have completed A and B

A is the pacer -the faster you get through the rows and DU, the less time you give your partner time to accumulate points.

After Partner A completes their work and tags partner B out (partner B continues working until he/she is tagged), partners switch places.  No rest here – get right to the rower as your partner will start ab-mat sit-ups as soon as they tag you.

Wednesday 11-19-2014


Rope Climbs
Skill Review and practice
**There are progressions.  We are not going to force you up the rope if you aren’t ready.   If you are a pro at these already you will be working on legless rope climbs
**You’re maxing out tomorrow, you don’t need to go heavy today


10 Front Squats 135/95
20 Wall Balls
10 Power Cleans
20 Wall Balls
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
5 Burpee Muscle Ups  (sub 10 Burpees + 10 HR Push Ups)
down the list.. back up the list

Member Spotlight – Erik Haley

Meet Erik, another one of our founding members!  You’ve probably met Erik already – he frequents the noon class, but also shows up regularly in the evenings as well.  Here’s a little from Erik about himself you might not already know.  We’ll have a WOD for Erik tomorrow after the squat test for Everyday Warrior!


I am a student in the psychiatric nurse practitioner program at Seattle University.

When did you start Crossfit, and why have you stuck with it? What hooked you?

I started back in June of 2012. Crossfit is a reliable and healthy way to relieve stress which is one of the reasons I keep coming back. I also enjoy the friendly competition and comradery during the workouts.

How did you hear about Crossfit?

One of my buddies signed up at Level 4 Crossfit and started telling me about the intense workouts he was doing. I was intrigued.

What were your goals when you started and how have they changed?

At first I was just concerned with improving my overall fitness. My focus lately has shifted to improving my technique and mobility with the Olympic lifts.

You participated in your first competition recently. How was that? Would you do it again?

It was exhilarating. I hadn’t been nervous about performing athletically in years so it was a welcomed feeling. Competition also gives me an edge to my focus that I don’t experience on a regular basis. Although I do get intimidated by some of the workouts, I would definitely do it again.

First Crossfit Experience:

I don’t remember the exact workout but it involved box jumps, sumo deadlift high pulls, and kettlebell swings. I felt like I was going to puke halfway through and finished way behind everyone else. I appreciated that people came over to cheer me on though since I was considering giving up.

Favorite Crossfit WOD:

I don’t have a specific favorite but I enjoy chippers and pretty much anything with rowing, double unders, and wall balls. I don’t mind kettle bell swings either except when Jared makes me swing the 70.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I did 100 unbroken double unders at the most recent in-house competition. Lately, I have also been able to hit snatches fairly consistently which is a big deal for me.

Favorite Lift:

Back squat

What do you like most about Slate?

The coaching staff is passionate about helping every member achieve their goals. No matter where someone falls on the spectrum of experience or athletic ability, the coaching and workouts are personalized so that everyone leaves with a sense of accomplishment.

What changes have you seen since starting Crossfit?

Both my strength and cardiovascular ability have improved. I am also able to move at a more consistent pace through the workouts with less form breakdown when exhausted.

Favorite meal after a workout:

A sausage and egg scramble with jam on whole wheat toast. I drink wheat grass mixed into apple juice on the side.

Least favorite WOD:

The Crossfit Open WOD that involved overhead squats and chest to bar pull ups was terrible. Pretty much anything with overhead squats is terrible though.

Favorite Crossfit Moment:

Eating pulled pork, cinnamon rolls, and drinking beer with everyone after that strenuous in-house competition was awesome. Beating Jared’s back squat PR back in August was also pretty great

Why do you Crossfit?

So I can drop heavy barbells on the ground. Other than that, I love the endorphin high after each workout and the sense of accomplishment I feel after pushing beyond my self-expectations.

Cheat meal of choice:

The Crimini mushroom burger at Uneeda Burger in Freemont with an IPA on the side.

Top tips for Crossfit newbies:

Consistency with your workouts is the best way to improve. It is better to moderate your intensity and come in three or four times a week than to push yourself to near death one day a week. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of mobility work.

What do you do when you aren’t at the gym:

Sounders games, sampling beer, snowboarding in the winter, hiking in the summer.

Tell us something we don’t know about you:

I am a whitewater rafter and will be rafting the Grand Canyon for my second time this coming summer.

2014 Goals for Crossfit:

I want to make it to the gym at least four times a week for the rest of the year.

Tuesday 11-18-2014


Skill Review
Handstands (nose to the wall or freestanding), Handstand Walks and progressions
Even: 45s Max HS Hold or Walk
Odd:  45s Max Double Unders


200m Farmer Carry (70/53)
3 rounds
5    Toes to Bar
10  Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)
15  Box Jumps
200m Farmer Carry

Monday 11-17-2014


Warmup and Skill Review
2 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk
–Up to 90% of your Front Squat


“Elizabeth” (15min cap)
Cleans 135/95
Ring Dips (no bands)

–Scale the PC if this is more than 80% of your max
— Scale the reps before you scale the movement.  If you can’t do 21/15/9 on the dips, go for 15/12/9 etc..
— If you don’t have full ROM ring dips yet, scale with your toes on a box or go to box dips.


4 Rounds each of 20s on/10s off:
L-Sit (sub static holds or L-hold on the pull-up bar)
Plank Hold
Hollow Hold

Sunday 11-16-2014


Warm Up the Deadlift to 85%
1 Deadlift 75-85%


3 Rounds
400m Run
5    Front Squats 135/95 (from the floor)
10 Heavy KBS
15  Mountain Climbers (each side, 30 total)
**New people can take the bar from the rack if the clean is the limiting factor.  The squats should be light, fast and unbroken – scale accordingly.

Saturday 11-15-2014


A1) 3×8 (each leg) KB Weighted Step-Ups
A2) 3x30s Handstand Hold (Nose to Wall or Freestanding)


20 Deadlifts 225/155
20 Wall Balls
20 Ring Rows (feet on a box)
–3minutes to rest and change weights–
10 Hang Power Cleans  135/95
10 Box Jumps
10 Push Ups with Hand Release

Both AMRAPs are you-go-I-go with equal reps.  You can switch every 1, every 2, every 5, etc.. but you must complete the same number of reps your partner just completed.  Weights listed are caps – find a weight that will have you moving fast through the AMRAPs.

Friday 11-14-2014


Push Press 3-3-3-3-3 20×2 tempo


5 rounds
500m Row/400m Run Thrusters (Decrease by 2 each round)
1) You must run at least 2 rounds
2) Add Weight each round on the Thrusters

Thursday 11-13-2014


KB Skill Review
3 Rounds of:
12 1 arm KB Swing (6 each arm)
12 1 arm KB Clean & Jerk (6 each arm)
12 1 arm KB Snatch (6 each arm)


Everyday Warrior Week 2 Workout

30 Double Unders
15 Wall Ball 20lb to 10 foot/14lb to 9 foot
10 Deadlift 185 lb/135lb

Scaled and Masters:
30 Double Unders or 90 Single Jump Rope
15 Wall Ball 14/10 lb. to a 9 foot target
10 Deadlift 135/95

Double Unders: the rope passes under the feet twice before each jump. Only successful jumps are counted.

Singles: Masters and scaled competitors may choose to do singles if unable to do double unders. Competitors must start and end with the same movement, either double under or singles.

Scoring: Score is total reps if you do the WOD with double unders. If you do the WOD with SINGLES you will need to make the 3 to 1 conversion. Example; if you complete 46 singles on your last round compute 46/3 =15.3. No rounding, so you would use 15 reps.

Wednesday 11-12-2014


Back Squat
EMOTM 7 4×80-85%


20s work, 10s rest for 8 rounds. 1 min rest in between movements

Row for Cals
Air Squats
Double Unders

Tuesday 11-11-2014


Review kipping chest to bar pull-ups/pull-ups
1 attempt at a max unbroken set of chest to bar (or regular) pull-ups



Three Wise Men Veteran’s Day WOD

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
5 Hang Squat Snatch (Elite = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs)
10 Burpees Over the Barbell

Rest 2 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
10 Power Cleans (Elite = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs)
20 Pull-Ups

Rest 2 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
15 Box Jump-Overs (Elite & RX = 24”/20”; Scaled – 24”/20” Step-Overs Allowed)
30 Wall Ball Shots (Elite & RX = 20/14 lbs; Scaled – 14/8 lbs)

Monday 11-10-2014


In 7min:  Find a Heavy Power Clean + Push Jerk
EMOTM 4 3×75% of the above
**This is not a 1RM test.  See how heavy you can get given the time constraint.


Front Rack Walking Lunges (gym length) (155/105)
..Cleans (full)
..Burpees over the Bar (no skipping, 2 foot take-off)
Front Rack Walking Lunges (gym length)
Scaling:  Newer People use  12-9-6.  Do not exceed 75% of your max clean.

Sunday 11-9-2014


Back Squat 10-8-6-4


3 Rounds
9 Burpees over the Bar
12 Deadlifts 225/155 (cap.  Don’t exceed 80% of your max)
15 Strict Ring Dips (strict.  No kipping)
200m Run (sub suicide sprint if needed)

Scale Up (if  you have a strict MU):
3 Rounds
9   Strict Ring Dips from a MU Station (must be a strict MU to get up there)
12 Deadlifts
15  Burpees over the Bar
200m Run

Saturday 11-8-2014


Review technique for Atlas Stones
20 Stone to Shoulder


With a partner
Partner A Rows 350m
Partner B Performs AMRAP of:
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Push Press
5 Box Jumps
5 HR Push Ups

When Partner A finishes the row, swap places and partner A will pick up where B stopped.

Friday 11-7-2014


Strict Press 3-3-3-3-3


KB Swings
Toes to Bar
Suicide Sprint (just one run between the Toes to Bar)


Thursday 11-6-2014


A1) 5×5 Deadlift (sets across, no more than 85%)
A2) 5×5-8 Chin-Ups 30×3 tempo
(no bands.  Add weight if you can do more than 5)

Options to sub for chin-ups:
1) 1x30s (or 1 max attempt) chin over the bar hold
2) 5×8 scap pull-ups
3) 1x30s (or 1 max attempt) hang on the bar


Everyday Warrior Week 1 Workout 

7 Minute AMRAP
Rep Ladder Doubles

2 Cleans 135/95
2 Box Jump Overs 24”/20”
4 Cleans
4 Box Jumps Overs
8 Cleans
8 Box Jump Overs
16 Cleans
16 Box Jumps Overs
32,32,64,64…continue to double the reps until 7 min has elapsed.
**Scaled:  Weight on the cleans is 95/65

Power Clean and Squat Clean are both allowed. For the clean to count, the bar will move from the ground to the front rack position with the knees, hips and shoulders extended in one line. The athlete may deadlift the bar to the hang position and hang clean the bar, however it must make contact with the ground after each rep.

Box Jump Overs; the athlete may step up or jump up. Both feet are required to touch the top of the box. Hands are not allowed to touch the top of the box. Hips and knees do not need to come to full lock out at the top of the box.

Every rep counts in this workout. You will enter your results by the total number of reps completes

Wednesday 11-5-2014


Push Jerk 3-2-1-3-2-1


3 Rounds, 4 min cap/round
3 Muscle Ups (if you have a strict MU)
30 Double Unders
50 Wall Balls
**No rest between rounds. If you don’t finish in 4 minutes, restart at the Muscle Ups on the next round.

Subs for MU:
9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (regular pullups only if you don’t have Chest to Bar)
15 Ring Rows
(not both.. one or the other!)


Tuesday 11-4-2014


Back Squat to a 3RM (10min cap)
4×3 90% of the above


With a partner:
5 Rounds:
1000m Row
200m Farmer Carry 45/25# plates (2 plates)
50m Waiter Walk Right Arm
50m Waiter Walk Left Arm
Divide the work as you like, you may have both people working at once provided one partner is on the rower.

Monday 11-3-2014


10min to Review/Warm Up Power Snatch
4 Power Snatch (same weight each set)
**Press Outs count as a missed lift
**You choose the weight, but if you fail to successfully complete 4 reps in the minute, drop the weight 10-20# on the next set
**Newer people focus on getting 1-2 good reps each minute


3 rounds, 60s of each exercise:
Cal Row
Double Unders
Pull Ups
Box Jumps
KBS 70/53
60s rest between rounds
**If there are more people in class than rowers, half the class will start on the pull ups.

Sunday 11-2-2014


5×3 TGU (each side)


3 Wall Walks
6 Lateral Box Jumps
12 Push Press 95/65
**At some point during the AMRAP you must also complete a 1500m Row, broken up into no more than 3 pieces.

Saturday 11-1-2014

Day of the Dead(lift)/Dead(hang) Workout
(Because Jared is from Texas)


Deadlift – Find a 5RM TnG (no bouncing)


Partner WOD
20min Cap

“Death By”
Dead Hang Pull Ups (sub 2x ring rows)
Push Ups
(By 2s)

“Death By”
Air Squats
Walking Lunges
(By 2s)

Both partners working at once, alternating movements each minute:
Min 1: Partner A does 2 Pull Ups, B does 2 Push Ups
Min 2: Partner A does 4 Pull Ups, B does 4 Push Ups
etc.. until the work is not completed in the minute.  If you finish your work before the end of the minute you may help your partner finish the other movement.  Dead Hang means.. strict.  Chin Ups are fine.

Immediately after finishing the 1st Death By, start the 2nd Death by, but start on the same number at which you left off on the 1st.  If you finished the round of 6, but not the round of 8.. start the 2nd Death By on the 8s.