Friday 10-31-2014


Skill Review/Warm-Up
minutes 1,2:         5 Thrusters
minutes 3,4,5:     3 Thrusters
minutes 6,7:         2 Thrusters
minutes 8,9,10:  1  Thruster
**Increase the weight each minute (set your plates up ahead of time!)


Halloween Zombie WOD
In Zombie/Human pairs:
Everyone starts with 20 points.

Humans get a head start on the WOD
2min in, Zombies start and try to “catch” the Humans
If a Human is caught, they become the Zombie and restart the WOD. The Zombie becomes the Human.

Each time a Human is caught: 10 points are added to the Human’s total, 10 points are deducted from the Zombie’s total.

30 Wall Balls
25 KBS
20 Box Jumps
15 Thrusters 95/65
10 Toes to Bar
**EMOTM (not including the initial minute) Humans do 5 Burpees

At the end of the WOD, your total is the number of burpees you owe.

Everyday Warrior Competition/Fundraiser

Everyday Warrior is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Crossfit athletes battling cancer.  Starting November 3rd they are holding a fundraiser in the form of a 4 week online competition.  If you have participated in the Open, this will be somewhat similar in that each week the WOD will be our workout for the day and you can submit your scores to see where you stand on the leaderboard.

If you would like to register officially (you get a T-Shirt, your name on the leaderboard, and to know that you are supporting a member of the larger Community fighting a much harder battle than what you will face in the workout) – you can do so here:

The workouts are already released.  There are Rx, scaled and masters divisions.  If you don’t have double unders, are still struggling with pull ups or Overhead Squats – you can still participate and perform the WODs as written.  Check them out and see.  The Open is coming, and sooner than it might feel right now.  Why not test your readiness while suppporting a good cause?

You are not required to register – you can still perform the workouts at the gym and check your score against the leaderboard.  If, however, you do register and are unable to make it to class on the day we do the workout – I will commit to arranging with you another day/time for you to perform the WOD (Open Gym is also always another option.)


Thursday 10-30-2014


A1) 4×8 KB Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg)
A2) 4x30s FLR


10 Back Squats
500m Row
8 Back Squats
400m Row
6 Back Squats
300m Row
4 Back Squats
200m Row
2 Back Squats
100m Rows
**Squats from the rack, all at the same weight

Wednesday 10-29-2014


Power Clean + Front Squat


40 Burpees
30 Cleans 115/80 (full or power)
30 Toes to Bar
20  Cleans 135/95
20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (no butterfly, no bands)
10 Cleans 155/110
5   Muscle Ups (sub is 3 burpees + 3 strict ring dips)
**No Ring MU in the WOD if you do not yet have a strict.
**If 155/110 is greater than 80% of your max, scale the cleans.
**We have two people in the gym who I have seen string together 30 unbroken kipping pull ups and at least 10-15 strict pull ups.  If you think you are one of them and want to butterfly in this WOD, talk to your coach before the WOD.

This is a lot of volume.  For newer people, or if gymnastics is the limiter due to the volume or the skills, drop the reps and do the AMRAP as:
20 Burpees
10 Cleans 115/80
10 Toes to Bar (sub floor wipers)
10 Cleans 135/95
10 Chest to Bar (sub ring rows)
10 Cleans  155/110
5    Burpees + 5 Ring Dips (No MU option here)

Tuesday 10-28-2015


Push Press
12min to a find a heavy triple


4 Rounds of 3min
2min rest between rounds

400m Run
10 Wall Balls
Max Effort Double Unders in time remaining

Monday 10-27-2014


Back Squat
Warm Up to 80%


KBS 70/53
–no rest–
(no bands, no butterfly)
–no rest–
KBS 70/53
Scale Up: Wear a Weight Vest for Cindy if you can string together 10 or more pull-ups


Saturday 10-25-2014


Push Press 5-5-5-5-5  20×2 tempo


With a partner:
10 Heavy Russian KBS (each) buy-in, then
Max Effort Squats: 95/65
OHS 3 points
Front Squats 2 points
Back Squats 1 point
**If a barbell touches the floor before the end of the AMRAP, both partners do 10 KBS before continuing
–3min Rest–
10 Heavy Russian KBS buy-in then
Max Effort Shoulder to Overhead: 95/65
Strict Press 3 points
Push Press 2 points
Jerk (any) 1 point
**If a barbell touches the floor before the end of the AMRAP, both partners do 10 KBS before continuing
**Rx is from the floor


Friday 10-24-2014


Back Squat
If you have a tested max:
5×60%, 5×70%, 3x(5×75%)  (that is 3 sets of 5 at 75%)
You maxed out already this week, these should be light and fast

If you do not have a tested max:
5×5, try to add weight each set but stay with something moderately heavy


You need to demonstrate a strict MU today before the WOD to do ring MU in this WOD.  Dead hang at full extension.  Feet off the floor.  No hips.  If you start to fail on the MU, switch to one of the scaling options – this isn’t skill work, if they aren’t solid yet it isn’t time to try working them under fatigue.

1) Unbroken Muscle Ups  (max of 3)
2) 30s KB Snatch 53/35 (sub 1-arm swings)
3) 30s Max Wall Balls
4) 30s Max Burpee Box Overs (24/20) (Both feet, no hands on the box)

Sub for Ring MU:
Bar MU
3 Gut Busters (Burpee + Toes to Bar + Pull Up)
3 Burpees + 3 V-Ups
Gut Buster: Don’t drop off the bar between the Toes to Bar and the Pull Up

Thursday 10-23-2014


Double Under/Triple Under Review/Practice
3min: max unbroken sets of 50/30 DU


Air Force WOD (modified)
20min cap:
20 Thrusters 95/65
20 Deadlifts
20 Push Jerks
20 OHS
20 Front Squats
EMOTM:  4 burpees

Scaling: Do the same movements in sets of 5:
5 Thrusters
5 Deadlifts
5 Push Jerks
5 Front Squats
Repeat for 4 rounds (2 burpees EMOTM)
No mix and match.. if you do the 20 reps  you get the 4 burpees
If you are still working on the OHS, sub OH or Front Rack Lunges

Wednesday 10-22-2014


Even: 5 TnG Power Cleans (165/115 cap, no more than 70-80%)
Odd:   30s Lateral Jumps over the bar (2 foot jump.  no skipping)

Do not add weight, this is skill work.  You’re learning to cycle a moderate weight under moderate fatigue.  If you fail, drop to 75/55 and finish at that weight.  If you are new and do not have a tested max for the PC, your coach will help you choose an appropriate weight.


7 Rounds for time:
7 KB Thrusters 53/35
7 Pull Ups (no bands, no butterfly)
7 Burpees
15min Cap
Scale Up:  Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Matt and Robert, this is you.  Mikah, if you are in these should be unbroken)
Scaling: Drop the weight on the KBs and/or reps on the pull-ups if needed to finish in the time cap, but work with your coach to find a set number to use for each round.  Use your pull-ups if you have them, even if that means doing only 2 or 3 each round.  

Tuesday 10-21-2014


Bulgarian Split Squats
(Unweighted or KBs)
A1) 3×15 each leg
A2) 3×8 GHDSU


3 Rounds:
20 Wall Balls
10 Deadlifts 225/155
400m Run

Monday 10-20-2014


Back Squats 6-5-4 (go heavy but don’t fail)
right into
Front Squats 2-1-2-1


Toes to Bar
Wall Balls
-rest 2min, then
KB Snatch (sub 1-arm KB Swings)
Pistols (sub KB DL, step-ups w/the standing leg dorsiflexed, or spot  yourself with a hand on a box)
Scaling: This should be a fast workout.  Drop the number on the Toes to Bar if needed to keep the 1st ladder around 5min tops.  Pistols are total, not per leg.  Unweighted, go fast… there are 25 total.  Try to do the “extra” rep on your weaker side.

Sunday 10-19-2014


Handstand Balancing Skills:
Nose to the Wall
Handstand Walking


5 Rounds for time:
400m Run
10 Thrusters 115/75
10 Double Unders

Saturday 10-18-2014


Double KB Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5


With a partner:
Movement a is the task to be completed, movement b is the pacer.  One partner starts on a, the other on b.  When the reps for b are completed, switch.  No reps for a count unless b is being done at the same time.

For example:  partner 1 does 12 box jumps in the time it takes partner 2 to complete 5 pull ups.  Partners must now switch, with partner 1 starting on box jump #13 while partner 2 starts 5 pull ups.

a) 50 Box Jumps
b) 5 Strict Pull Ups (No Bands, Chin Ups are fine)

a) 50 Power Cleans
b) 10 HR Push Ups

a) 50 KBS 53/35
b) 5 Burpees over the bar

a) 50 Ring Rows
b) 10 Goblet Squats 70/53

Latest Gym News

Nearly everyday, someone has come up to me during class and commented something along the lines of “Wow, there are a lot of new people here.” Slate has been growing and new faces are in every class!

We have had a few changes happening at the gym in the past month and its nice to have them settling in. The new check-in and billing system has been in for the past couple of weeks. The store is now set-up and if you need a demonstration or have any questions please ask any of the coaches.

We’ve also been adjusting the schedule and perhaps you’ve seen a new coach or two around at different times. We’ve been working on the schedule and getting it solidified. As of now I’m happy to say we’ve found a great schedule. Announcing our new coaching schedule. You’ll see some familiar faces and perhaps some new ones here as well.

Carrie Robichieau – Assistant Coach
Carrie has simple goals, help you conquer your WOD, leave with a smile on your face, be able to sing along to Katy Perry and convert you to a Packers fan. Carrie coaches the 5:30am and Noon classes on T/Th, as well as also weekend classes.

Christian Basilio – Elements Coach
Christian is the newest addition to our coaching staff. As the Head Elements coach, he works with people one-on-one and connects to them while introducing CrossFit and the movements to our newest clients. If you see him working with someone go say hi and introduce yourself!

Jared Putman – Head Coach
Yup, I’m still here. I’m more in love with coaching and developing Slate, the gym, and each and every client to be a little better every day. I’ll be covering all of the classes that aren’t listed above.

You’ve also likely noticed and met a few of our interns helping out and coaching classes alongside our regular coaches. I started the Slate CrossFit internship program to help develop coaches, their skills, and the familiarity with Slate. It has always been my goal and commitment to have a focused client to coach ratio of 10/12 to 1. Well luckily for us, we’ve been growing enough and several classes now are in that size range. If you see one of these guys, know they are hear to help and can answer all sorts of questions as well.

Bill Pola – Intern
Derek Ryals – Intern
Jessica Maze – Intern

Many of you have been asking questions about diets and specific training questions. Rather than make broad assumptions about what is good or better, I’m way more a fan of looking at the specifics of your lifestyle, goals, budget, experience. So let’s set up a time to talk about some good goals for your nutrition and training!

I’m always available to talk, email or chat about your goals before or after class. If you have any feedback, suggestions or ways you think Slate can better help you hit your goals, let me know!

-Coach Jared

Friday 10-17-2014


In 30min:
Review and Warm up the snatch (full)
Find a heavy single


Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds:
60s to “pay for” the lift and to move as much weight as possible
60s to  rest/change plates

Move as much weight as possible using any combination.  Points calculated as:
1xWeight Deadlift
2xWeight Clean (any)
2.5xWeight Shoulder to overhead (any, bars from the floor on the 1st rep)
3x Weight Snatch (any)

Paying for the weight:
0-100#        = 10 Double Unders/2 Burpees + 20 Singles
101 – 200# =  15  Double Unders/4 Burpees + 30 Singles
201 – 300# =  20 Double Unders/6 Burpees + 40 Singles
301 – 400# =   25 Double Unders/8 Burpees + 50 Singles

For Example:  You choose to load 100# on the bar and do your 10 DU.  If you do 1 DL, 2 Hang Cleans and 2 Push Presses, that is 1000 points.  If you do 10 DL – that is also 1000 points.  If you do 10 Hang Cleans that is 2500 points.

Normal standards apply: no press-outs on the snatch, full lockout on the DL, no dropping the clean w/out full hip extension  at the top.

Thursday 10-16-2014


Skill Review: KB Snatch
A)3×5 KB Snatch/Arm
B)Hollow Hold Test:
20s Hollow Hold
–Your coach will cover progressions, but to pass the test you must hold a true hollow position for 20s, and a coach will test the position by rocking your feet.


Partner Manion:
7 Rounds (35min cap)
400m run (both partners)
29 Back Squats 135/95 (reps split between partners as needed)
Rx is from the floor
No Squats count unless the non-working partner is in the gym and counting reps for the working partner.
**Scale Up: Do it solo, coach’s permission required.

Wednesday 10-15-2014


Even:  3 Front Squats
Use your legs to stand up…
You choose the weight, but no more than 90% of your last tested max.  No missing..  Any misses means you drop down and finish the EMOTM at 95/65.  Increase as you are able – penalty for misses on the last set is 20 burpees after the Deadlifts in the WOD.
Not a typo, there is no work on the odd minute.  Rest.


10min to warm up your DL
on a 15min Clock:
15 Deadlifts 275/185 (do not exceed 70% of your max)
AMRAP in remaining time of:
500m row
12 Toes to Bar
12  HR Push Ups
**Aim for at least 4 rounds


Tuesday 10-14-2014


OHS 5×3 @33×1 tempo
Capped at 75% of your best snatch
(Cap is 70/55 if you do not have a tested snatch)


5 rounds of:
30s Box Jumps/30s Rest (24/20)
30s KBS/30s Rest (53/35)
30s Max Air Squats/30s Rest
**No rest between rounds
The KBS should be light and unbroken.  Full hip extension on the box jumps.  Full ROM on the air squats.

Monday 10-13-2014


Skill Review: Kettlebell Swing and Kettlebell Clean
A1) 3×10 Heavy Russian KBS
A2) 3×5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups (add weight if possible)


For time: (Bars are from the floor)
25min cap
100 double-unders
115-lb. front squats, 21 reps
115-lb. push presses, 21 reps
100 double-unders
115-lb. front squats, 15 reps
115-lb. push presses, 15 reps
100 double-unders
115-lb. front squats, 9 reps
115-lb. push presses, 9 reps

Sunday Update

New Members

Welcome to Elise and Marques! Marques is a big soccer fan from Brazil, and Elisa was a javelin thrower! That should give you a few questions to ask when you introduce yourself in class. Eventually, yes, there will be a test – there will be burpees to pay for not knowing your classmates or for not making sure that they know your name as well.

Skill of the Week

Kettlebell Work. More a set of skills than one particular movement this time around. We program KB work for a variety of reasons; it isn’t just filler thrown in there to keep you busy and there actually is some technique involved. Long arms..Use your hips.. Lift with your legs not with your back.. these are queues you’ve heard before, but as with anything else it gets a little sloppy sometimes in WODs if you aren’t remembering your basics. So you will review the basic swing, snatch, clean and perhaps get into some variations you haven’t seen before.

Gym News

Lisa Chiovaro is back! She ran off on a surfing trip and has been out for a while. Welcome her back, ask her where she went.. encourage her to bring that puppy to the gym!

Halloween Competition

Thanks to those of you have gone online or stopped by the desk to register. You still have 2 more days to sign up, WODs to be released shortly after the deadline.

Gymnastics Testing

We’ll wrap up the baseline testing this week and let you know your next steps in progressing towards the more advanced skills. Remember that all three baseline tests must be passed before moving up the ladder. After that point, you will be able to progress in each of the skills independently. For example, not having strict pull ups will not prevent you from working on Handstand skills, but it is a pre-requisite for Muscle Up work.

Sunday 10-12-2014


TGU Review
5×3 (each arm)

HERO WOD “Weston”

40min Cap
5 Rounds
1K Row
200m Farmer Carry 53/35 (each hand)
50m Waiter Walk Right Arm 53/35
50m Waiter Walk Left Arm 53/35
50m: Out the side door to the front door. Then back the other way w/the other arm.

Saturday 10-11-2014


Review Bulgarian Split Squats
A1) 3×8 (each leg) Split Squats
A2) 3x Waiters Walk down/back (switch arms at the turnaround)


With a Partner:
All reps are divided equally, alternating between partners.  You can do half the reps then alternate.  You can alternate every 5.  You can do 5/5, 10/10, 5/5 etc.. but partner B must always complete the same number of reps which partner A just completed:

30 Deadlifts 225/155
30 Wall Balls 20/14
30 Pull Ups
–1min to transition and change weights–
20 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
20 Wall Balls
20 Box Jumps 24/20 (Open standard)
–1min to transition
10 OHS 95/65
10 Wall Balls
10 Lateral Hops over the bar

Friday 10-10-2014


12min on the clock to find a heavy squat clean thruster
(This does not need to be a new 1RM, just find a heavy single for the day)


Squat Clean Thruster 80-90% of the above (clean each rep)
after each round:
5 Burpees w/Hand Release
5 Bar Muscle Ups (sub burpee toes to bar)
10 Pistols

10 Day No Sugar Challenge

I recently watched Fed Up – a Katie Couric documentary on the current consumption of sugar and processed foods in the United States and the resulting societal an economic impacts. Viewers are challenged to take a 10-Day No Sugar Challenge. The challenge entails limiting consumption of sugar from processed foods to 10 grams per day (fruit, being a source of natural sugar, is allowed) and eliminating consumption of artificial sweetners.

I took the challenge and started on Wednesday 10/1/14. Prior to the challenge, I didn’t really think I ate that much sugar – I don’t really like breads, pastries, or fruit. My downfalls are chocolate (and I try to limit my consumption of that), artificial sweetners, and coffee creamer. What the challenge made me realize is how much sugar and artificial crap I was actually consuming through seemingly “healthy foods” (reduced-fat this and that, dairy products…even things like spaghetti sauce). I thought the challenge would be a piece of cake (pun intended), but starting was rough. By noon on the first day, I felt horrible – apparently my body had come to depend on the sweetner and creamer (probably around 30 grams of sugar) I was lacing my coffee with. Within two days, I gave up coffee entirely. With out all the garbage in it, I think it tastes awful. Scientists featured in the documentary and people that have taken the challenge reported that you’ll feel better within two or three days. I didn’t. I asked Jared why I felt horrible and he explained that without any sugar (fruit), I’d sent my body into sugar shock. I added fruit and I felt amazing a couple of days later. When working out, my body felt “cleaner”, if that makes any sense. I will admit, I’ve slipped a couple of times. I never diet, I really suck at it. One day I was exhausted and thought I’d allow myself one really good coffee – sweetner and creamer included. After two sips, I threw it away. It was sickly sweet and made me ill. Other slips have been tasty (flavored water and an ice cream bar), but I felt the nutritional impact. I am really starting to believe that sugar in high volumes is a poison and is definitely addictive.

So, I am challenging Slate athletes to take the 10-Day No Sugar Challenge from October 16-26. I’m excited to see what you learn about how you eat and how you feel being mostly sugar free (eat fruit!). To help you learn more, take a couple of hours and watch Fed Up. You can also check out Sugar: The Bitter Truth – found this on the CrossFit website last year, a bit dated but very informative. Please sign up on the white board at Slate if you are up to the challenge. It’s only 10 days – what have you got to lose?!

Good Luck!

Coach Carrie

Thursday 10-9-2014


Front Squat 6-4-6-4
–Rest 3min–
AMRAP 2 of:
Front Squat 225/155 (see below)
Racking the bar to rest is allowed. If you fail and drop the bar, you are done

225/155 is the cap.  No higher than 80% of your last tested 1RM.  Not a guess based on a 3RM/8RM/etc.. If you have never tested a FS 1RM then use 50% of your max Back Squat as your cap.  If you have not tested your Back Squat then you are capped at 135/95 and your coach will help you find a weight to use.


7 Air Squats
7 Lateral Box Jumps
7 Hollow Rocks
7 Down & Ups
Down & Up: A squat jump, but your hands must touch the floor outside your feet at the bottom of each rep, followed by a jump with a hand clap overhead.

Wednesday 10-8-2014


Neck Jerks. 10min to warm up to a heavy single
A1) 3×2 Neck Jerks 80% of the above
A2) 3×10 Strict Chinups (palms facing you)
**Add weight on the chinups if you are able to string together more than 6 reps


18min Cap
on a running clock:
2min Max KBS
Max Unbroken Double Unders (1min cap)
200m Overhead Carry
2min Max Push Press 135/85 (bars from the floor)
Max Unbroken Double Unders (1min cap)
200m Sprint
2min Max Wall Balls
Max Unbroken Double Unders (1min cap)
200m Overhead Carry
2min Max Power Cleans 135/85
Max Unbroken Double Unders (1min cap)
200m sprint


Monday 10-6-2014


Overhead Carries
A1) 3x Overhead Carry down/back
A2) 3×10 Pistols (alternating, add weight if possible)
sub for pistols today is one leg box step-ups. The leg on the ground must be dorsiflexed (toes up.) This will force you to use the working leg to step up onto the box.


7min, as far up the ladder as possible of:
3 Clean & Jerk/ 3 Toes to Bar
6 Clean & Jerk/ 6 Toes to Bar
9 Clean & Jerk/ 9 Toes to Bar
Weights are capped at 95/65.
Scaling: Your goal is to finish the round of 12-15. Or more. Scale accordingly.

The weight in the Open was 135/95. You’ll have a shot at this workout at those weights another day. Today your goal is to move fast.  See how far up the ladder you get when the weight is not a limiting factor.

If you don’t have Toes to Bar: 1 burpee + 1 V-Up = 1 Toes to Bar

Clean & Jerk: Any ground to overhead with a stop at the shoulders is acceptable.

Sunday Update


Nora joined us this week. She was a collegiate rower who has just returned to the US after having lived in Africa for a couple of years. Stacey and David brought their friend Robert in for a visit for last week’s “Death By” and he has already joined us! When you see them in class introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.


Quite a few PRs on Friday: Mike Gose hit a 195# clean, just 5# away from his 200# goal.. pretty sure once those lifting shoes come in he’ll have it! Galen and Jan both hit 110# on their cleans and Galen hit 105# on her jerk. Mikah hit (I believe) 210# on a jerk and Matt PR’d his at 255#. Matt also hit 205# on his snatch finally, and learned some drills to help with that lockout!

You’ll have noticed some new sandbags lying about the gym. The pink tabs are 35#, the green are 55# and the blue is 80#. If you’re doing a weighted run in your warmup – try one out and see what you think! They’re heavier than the Wall Balls, but a little easier to carry.


This week we are focusing on Overhead Carries. You’ve already seen them in your workouts from time to time (think KB Waiters Walks and Bumper Plate Overhead Walking Lunges.) This week we’ll spend a lot of time learning why we do them, how to do them correctly, and playing with some new variations of the movement.

We did a lot of work last week on the pistols – expect them to keep showing up in your workouts and warm-ups. Jacynda and Yih both got their pistols this week on the first try! While these will keep showing up a little more often in your workouts than what they did before – you still can practice them on your own time as well. We’ve shown you a lot of progressions to work on by now and like any other skill, the more time you spend on it the faster you will see progress.


We have alluded to this a few times recently and will be rolling out a more formal progression of gymnastics skills this week. It is a roadmap intended for you to follow in order to progress to the higher level skills.

Each step in the roadmap represents a skill, and each skill includes a test to be passed before moving up the map to the next skill. The Push Up test you did earlier in the week is the first of that series.

The foundation of the roadmap consists of three skills: Ring Rows, Hollow Holds and Push Ups. Each of these skills must be passed before moving up the chart. Once this baseline is established there will be more freedom to progress toward (for example) Handstand Push Ups without yet having mastered Toes to Bar or Chest to Bar Pull Ups.

Your 3 Baseline tests will be:
1) EMOTM 9, 5 Perfect Push Ups
2) EMOTM 9, 5 solid Ring Rows
3) EMOTM 3, 20s Hollow Hold
We will test the hollow hold by rocking your feet to test the position, and will expect that your arms/legs be low down to the ground rather than piked up at a 45 degree angle.


Registration is up at

Information on WODs will be released closer to the competition date (10/26.)

Saturday 10-4-2014


A1) 4×8 (each leg) Front Rack Lunges
A2) 4×15 Ring Rows


With a Partner (20min Cap)

The KB must be held at or above shoulder height at all times exept while running.  If you and your partner are not using the same KB the heavier KB must be held.

If the KB falls below shoulder height, both partners do 10 burpees (partner 1 first, then partner 2.  Not at the same time.)

If the KB touches the floor during the workout, both partners do 10 burpees and run 200m.  Sequentially.

60 Calorie Row (must switch every 15 calories)
50 Double Unders (each)
40 Goblet Squats 53/35
30 Burpee Box Jumps
20 V-Ups
10  Wall Walks
400m Run together (the KB must accompany you)