Tuesday 9-30-2014


Skill Review: Pistols
Work on progressions from the bottom up:
From the bottom of a 2 leg squat — can you hit and hold the position?
Can you stand up from that position?
If not:
Deck squats
Single leg deck squats
Pistols from a 45# plate

If you have pistols, are able to do single leg deck squats and to hold/stand up from that position:
Work on KB Weighted Pistols

A1) 3×10 Single Leg KB Deadlift (10 each leg, not alternating)
A2) 3×8 (4/side) Pistols or progressions
A3) 3x30s FLR
**We are not abandoning single leg box squats or single leg squats from the box, it just isn’t what we are focusing on today.  Get comfortable in the bottom position and learn how to push up through your body.


15min cap:
“Death By”
OHS 95/65 + Chest to Bar Pull-Up (no Butterfly)

**If you fail before the round of 15, it becomes an EMOTM of 2 rungs below the rung at which you failed. (If you fail the round of 7, it becomes an EMOTM of 5 OHS + 5 Chest to Bar until the 15min is up.)
**No OHS you can do Goblet Squats or double KB Front Squats
**No Pull-Ups: Double the Number and do Burpees + Ring Rows: 2 burpees + 2 ring rows, 4 burpees + 4 ring rows, etc..
**Scale Up:  If you think that getting to the round of 15s is too easy.. start at the round of 5s.  If, however, you choose this option and fail to complete the rounds of 10s there is a penalty of 30 burpees in a weight vest to be completed immediately following the WOD.

Monday 9-29-2014


(full) Clean
find a heavy triple (not TnG, drop after each rep)


“Football Gone Bad”
1min each of:
Thrusters 95/65
Box Jumps
Calorie Row
* Rest 1 minute between rounds

Sunday Update


Welcome to Rebecca, who wrapped up her Elements classes this past week! Rebecca is a triathlete and likes to run.. Be sure to say hi and introduce yourself. If new people are showing up in your class and you don’t know their names (and haven’t made sure that they know yours), be forewarned – there may be burpees to pay.


Don’t forget that we have our next in-house competition coming up on 10/26. Registration is required and will be integrated into our new software. We will publish more info on the WODs as the date gets closer, but general guidelines/standards were sent out in last week’s post. If you are still uncertain which division is right for you, talk to your coach.

The 5:30 took our first class vs class workout, with Mark hitting a new 5RM Deadlift PR!

Friday’s strength work saw a lot of women doing Thrusters in the 100# plus range. We know you can do it now, so no sandbagging when heavier Thrusters turn up in the WODs!


Have you completed the push up challenge from last week? It will show up in class this week, so you will have an option to test it then. This is the first step in rolling out a set of more formal gymnastics progressions to get you closer to those Handstand Walks and Pull Ups as well as to help you know which progressions to use when some of the higher skilled movements show up in the workouts.

This week’s skill will be pistols. We’ll look at some new progressions and clean up some of the old ones. Rather than working from the top down this week we’re going to be working from the bottom up. We want to build strength and control in a good position rather than sort of falling down into the bottom and using momentum to bounce back up.

Sunday 9-28-2014


Handstand Skills (Nose to Wall, Freestanding or HS Walk)


21 KBS
21 Box Jumps
40 Double Unders
15 KBS
15 Box Jumps
60 Double Unders
9 Box Jumps
80 Double Unders

Saturday 9-27-2014


Push Press 5×3
30s Hollow Hold after each set


Wall Balls
200m Run after each set of KBS
Box Jumps
Toes to Bar
200m Run after each set of Toes to Bar

**On partner working at a time. A set may not be partitioned between partners. Whoever starts the 21 Wall Balls must finish the 21 Wall Balls. The other partner may complete the 21 KBS, but it is not required to switch. There are 6 sets of exerises, each partner must complete 3. All runs are done together and work may not be continued until both partners have returned from the run.

Friday 9-26-2014


A1) 5×2 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters
A2) 5×5-10 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups (add weight only if 10 is too easy)
A3) 30s FLR
Sub 3-5 Slow Negative Chin Ups (palms facing you) with a 3s hold at the top if you do not have strict pull ups.


6 Rounds:
30(men)/25(women) Cal Row
1 complex: Power Clean + Hang (squat) Clean + Thruster
60s Rest
**Record your time and the highest weight hit for the complex

Thursday 9-25-2014


Back Squats
12min to 8RM
**Exactly 12min. On the clock.


4 rounds for max reps:
30s Push Ups
30s Rest
30s Box Jumps 30/24
30s Rest
30s Wall Balls
30s Rest
**Do Ring Push Ups IIF you have completed the challenge from Sunday’s post

Wednesday 9-24-2014


Class vs Class.
Your score is the total weight moved divided by the number of people in class

25min to move as much weight as possible via:
A) Ground to Overhead.
B) Deadlift
C) Loaded Carry

1) Ground to Overhead can be any of:
Clean (any) + Jerk (any)
Clean (any) + Press (any)
3) Loaded Carry : use KBs, plates, grips as desired
Overhead Carry counts as 1.5x the weight
4) Weights may be adjusted up or down at any time


Tuesday 9-23-2014


Skill Review: Ring Push Ups
A1) 5×5 Front Squats 60-75%
A2) 5×10 Push Ups
**Front squats are capped at 75% of your last tested 1RM.  Not of what you think that might be now.  Do Ring Push Ups with your coach’s Permission if you have completed the push up challenge from Sunday’s post.


Every 2min for 6 minutes :
10 Burpees
Max Row for distance in remaining time
If 2500/2200 Rowed: You are done
If 2200/1900 Rowed: Run 200m w/a Wall Ball
Everyone Else : Run 400m W/a Wall Ball
Start with 10 burpees at minute 0..then at minute 2..


Member Spotlight – Chantal Huynh!

For our current Member Spotlight – meet Chantal Huynh!  She has been with us since we first opened the doors for our very first workout at Slate Crossfit.  One our members who actually likes to run, you’re most likely to see her in one of the evening classes passing you by on those sprints.  Be sure to say “hi” when you see her in class.  Here’s a little bit about Chantal in her own words.

Data Analyst

When did you start Crossfit, and why have you stuck with it?  What hooked you?
Spring 2012. Going to a normal gym got old and I was too intimidated to lift in the weight area. I like the friendly people at Crossfit. everyone is encouraging of each other.

How did you hear about Crossfit?
My former boss does crossfit and told me to give it a try. So she took me under her wing and taught me some of the basics.

What were your goals when you started and how have they changed?
My only goal was to get back into lifting weights and try out all the Crossfit movements. Now I goals to improve my mobility and strength so I can hit some PRs.

You participated in your first competition recently.  How was that?  Would you do it again?
My first competition more fun than I expected. I feel good about my accomplishments and I had the best partner (Sofi!)  She kept me going strong! I would probably do it again.

First Crossfit Experience:
My boss came up with 2 Partner WODs for my first work out, complete with running, box jumps, cleans, v-ups, ring rows, partner carries. I thought I would be okay since I regularly played soccer and went to the gym, but this workout was another level of fitness. I ended laying on the floor exhausted, but loved the intensity so much I went back the next week.

Favorite Crossfit WOD:
Anything with box jumps, burpees, or running!

Favorite Lift:
Back squats

Least favorite :
Over Head Squats

What do you like most about Slate?
Slate has a really friendly and fun crew of people.  The coaches are top notch too! They’re very knowledgeable about Crossfit movements and challenge you just the right amount (great for days when you feel lazy).

What changes have you seen since starting Crossfit?
Aside from Crossfit I also like running and crossfit has helped me build muscles to improve my running game. Hills aren’t as bad as they used to be.

Favorite meal after a workout:
A salad with chicken, tomatoes, and avocado

Why do you Crossfit?
It’s never easy, no matter how good or how long you’ve been doing it. There’s always room for improvement.

Cheat meal of choice:
Mac n cheese dipped in BBQ sauce. And chicken nuggets

Top tips for Crossfit newbies:
Scaling is okay. Better to do the movement the right way, so you can add more next time.

What do you do when you aren’t at the gym:
I’m usually hanging out with my friends, enjoying the outdoors, and watching

Tell us something we donít know about you:
I love watching the Food Network, but don’t really like cooking.

2014 Goals for Crossfit:
Improve my 150 Wall Balls time. I’m dreading this, but excited at the same time!

Monday 9-22-2014


Max Height Box Jump


Open Workout 12.3
18min AMRAP
15 Box Jumps 24/20
12 Push Press 115/75
9 Toes to Bar

Sunday Update

New Members

We’ve recently welcomed Debbie, Stacey and Kyle. Make them feel at home, cheer them on through their first WODs and offer a few words of encouragement.

Halloween Throwdown

Sunday, 10/26 We are going to have our next in-house competition! It is an individual competition this time, with a Halloween theme. See the list below for standards in the Rx and scaled divisions. This should give you a good idea of the category to choose. All movements listed will not necessarily be included and this is not necessarily a complete list. Just because you don’t see burpees listed doesn’t mean they won’t show up. Additional scaling will be allowed in the scaled division. Not in the Rx division. Advance registration will be required. The URL and a registration deadline will be provided this week.

Costumes, while not required, may earn you extra points and there will be prizes for different costume categories.

Rx Movements/Weights (working weight, not your max):
Thruster 115/75
Shoulder to Overhead 125/85
Snatch (full or power) 105/65
Clean 135/95
Front Squat 155/105
OHS 95/65
KBS 70/53
Double Unders
Toes to Bar
Pull Ups
Chest to Bar (for men)
MU/HSPU may help but will not be required

Scaled (additional scaling will be allowed in this division):
Thruster 85/55
Shoulder to Overhead 95/65
Clean 105/65
Front Squat 125/75
KBS 53/35
DU and Pull Ups may be helpful but will not be required

Gym News

Congrats to new dad Robert on the birth of his son, Alexander Jack Aguilar. Robert is usually at the 5:45 class, though we might not see him for a week or so. Be sure to say hello and offer your congratulations when you see him next.

Derek, one of our 4:30 regulars, is back! Derek finished school earlier this year and briefly left Seattle, but has now returned. What did he study? Why is he back? Why don’t you ask him?

April is also back in classes.  Where was she?  Once again.. ask her!  Take notice when your class mates are in or out and ask after them!  Was she ill?  On vacation?  How have her first days back been?

Sofi finally made a Black Forest Cake! What will be next? I hear she is taking requests.

Matt R is still really close to that strict Muscle Up..

Skill of the Week

Starting this week we are adding a new component to the programming – the skill of the week. It will be covered early in the week in the STRENGTH/SKILL portion of the day and at least once later in the week in the WOD. It will show up in your warm-ups, and we will give some suggestions for practicing it on your own if you happen to be in early for class. It could be a gymnastics skill, a kettlebell movement, a bodyweight movement like burpees or lunges, or something unexpected like rowing or wall balls. Anything is fair game.

And so, our first skill of the week is:
Ring Push Ups

I know – you want to work on handstand push ups and muscle ups and this doesn’t sound nearly as exciting.  Well we want you to get those things as well, but we need you to be able to stabilize your shoulders and control your core before we go there. We want to see nice ring dips first…and support holds.. and? Ring Pushups!  Before that? Show us some perfect, full ROM (chest to the ground) push ups. We spend a lot of time on those push ups for a reason.

Your challenge at the start of the week: Can you do 5 perfect push ups (judged) on the minute for 9 minutes? That’s your goal before moving the push up onto the rings. We’ll look at the movement early in the week, introduce some progressions, and then revisit the skill later in the week.

Sunday 9-20-2014


Deadlift 10-8-6-4-8


200m Run
10 Wall Balls
10 Pull Ups

Saturday 9-20-2014


Atlas Stone technique review


With a partner:
100 Double Unders
50 Calorie Row
40 Box Jump Overs (alternating. no hands, both feet must touch the box)
30 Toes to Bar
20 Burpee Med Ball Passes
10 Wall Walks
Every other minute on the minute: Atlas Stone ladder by 2s. (2 the 1st interval, 4 the 2nd etc..)
Each partner must complete half of the reps for each exercise. The stone to shoulder can be done in an alternating fashion, or one partner after the other.

Friday 9-19-2014


2 Power Cleans + 3 Push Press
5 sets


12min AMRAP
5 Deadlift
5 Power Clean
5 Front Squat
5 Push Press
** Start with a blank bar  and complete 5 reps of each movement. Add 10# each round.
**If you max out before the end of the 12min, it becomes an AMRAP in remaining time of your last weight.
**If you fail a round, drop 20# and restart the round

Thursday 9-18-2014


Find a 12RM Back Squat in 12min

This needs to be a weight under which you can keep moving for 12 reps without pausing.  If you need to stop and rest at the top of each rep it’s too heavy.  Drop the weight and try again.


Cover as much distance as you can running or rowing in 20 minutes.  There is a required minium of 400m running and 500m rowing.  Split the remainder as you like.

Wednesday 9-17-2014


Snatch (full)
Doubles – up to a good working weight.  If your max is under 100/70, then your top working weight for today will be 75/55.

Nobody goes above 85%.  If this is easy for doubles and you are not missing (a press out is a miss.  A Power Snatch is a miss unless your coach has instructed you to work on the power version of the lift), you can work up to triples at 85%.  We’ve worked OHS and Snatch Balance and Power Snatches lately, but it has been some time since we snatched.  Take the time to focus on doing it right.


3 rounds of 3min on/1min off (pick up where you left off)
20 Wall Balls
10 OHWL Steps 45/35# plate
3 Muscle-Ups (Ring if you have strict, or sub Bar MU)
sub for MU: 5 GHDSU + 5 Ring Rows

Tuesday 9-16-2014


Skill Review – Double Unders


30min Cap, try to work your way through a deck of cards:
Joker = 400m Run
Hearts = Pull Ups
Spades = Box Jumps
Clubs = KBS
Diamonds = Push Ups
Face Cards are 10

Monday 9-15-2014


Front Squats 10-8-6-4-3


In 12min:
1K Row
then AMRAP in remaining time:
3 Push Press 135/95 (from the floor)
6 Strict Ring Dips
9 Burpees
Scale Up: 155/105.  Lower reps on the Push Press mean you should be able to go a little heavier than normal.  Rx is from the floor, but go from the rack if you cannot comfortably clean the weight – the workout is about the press, not the clean.

Sunday 9-14-2014


Hang Power Clean
Find a heavy triple


400m Run


Saturday 9-13-2014


20min to review and practice Handstand Skills:
Nose to the Wall
Freestanding Handstands
Shoulder Taps
Handstand Walking


With a partner,
100 Double Unders (50 each)
400m Run Together
50 Wall Balls
40 HR Push Ups
30 Pistols
20 KBS
10 Burpees (each)
400m Run Together

Friday 9-12-2014


Neck Jerks
(Split jerks from the rack, starting with the bar on your back

Technique review, and work up in doubles to a weight which is moderately heavy, but which you can handle with good form.  No presses.


AMRAP 16 (one bar, change your own plates)
50 Cal Row
20 Pull-Ups
40 Back Squats 135/95
20 Pull-Ups
30 Front Squats 115/75
20 Pull-Ups
20 OHS 95/65
20 Pull-Ups
(Butterfly with coach’s permission only)

Scaling Guide:  This was an online qualifier and is meant to be enough work to keep most people working for a solid 16 minutes without restarting the workout.  The gymnastics will be the bottleneck for most of you.  It’s a lot of pull-ups (there’s a reason we just reviewed the kip.)  Scale the reps as needed,  but if you have pull-ups at all use them.

The weights are meant to be light and manageable from the floor, scale it to something that will let you keep moving throughout the 16min.  Shoot for at least getting into the OHS.

That said – those of you who have pull-ups and are going Rx…  Tape up.  Don’t tear.  Break up the sets before you think you need to; letting  yourself fail is going to cost a lot more time than dropping off and restarting a set intentionally.  If you are reading this and thinking that you can do it all in sets of 10, you should probably try sets of 5.

Thursday 9-11-2014


Strict Press 6-5-4-3-6


Hero WOD “Jack”
10 Push Press 115/85
10 KBS 70/53
10 Box Jumps 24/20

Wednesday 9-10-2014


Front Squat 2-2-2-2-2-(3×2)
8 sets, the first set should be around 50%.  The 6th set should put you at roughly 85%.  Do that weight for 3 sets of 2.


Every 3min for 15min
60 Double Unders
5 (full) Cleans 205/135
6 Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)
**There is no built in rest.  Restart the work every 3min.   The time you have left before the next interval is your rest.  The Cleans should be doable, but heavy enough to slow you down.  About 80% of  your max if you have a tested max.  These are box jumps, not box jump overs – open your hips at the top.

Tuesday 9-9-2014


10-15min review of kipping Pull-Ups
A1)  3×20 Arch/Hollow Swing (on the bar, sub scap pull-ups if needed)
A2) 3×10 GHDSU
A3) 3×10 Hollow Rock


400 Run
15 Unbroken Wall Balls
5 Ring Muscle Ups
**MU can be kipped, but you need to have a strict MU to do them in the WOD.  You can sub Bar Muscle Ups.   Scale the number down if needed, but 5 is the cap.  Two fails ends the set – go run.
**Sub for the MU is 5 strict chin ups or 5 strict ring dips (alternate each round)

Monday 9-8-2014


Back Squats 5×5 (sets across)
You need to choose a weight you can handle for all 25 reps. If you miss, drop 20# and start the next set.


3x3min intervals, 3min rest between intervals:

Open WOD 14.5
Thrusters 95/65
Pick it up where you left off after the rest
Burpees are Bar Facing, open standard

Sunday 9-7-2014


TGU Review
A1) 5×5 TGU/side
A2) 5×5 Wall Walks, 10s hold at the top


Double Unders
Abmat Sit-ups

Saturday 9-6-2014


Deadlift 8-6-4-4-4
5 Strict Chin-Ups between each set (add weight if possible)


Partner WOD
Partner A Runs 400m
Partner B Does AMRAP Double Unders

Partner A Runs 400m
Partner B Does Max Cal Row

Partner A Runs 400m
Partner B Does AMRAP Goblet Squats

Friday 9-5-2014


KB Snatch Review
A1) 3×5 KB Snatch (5/side)
A2) 3×5-10 Push-Ups
Push-Ups: 3s hold at the top. 3s hold at 90 degrees. 3s hold 1 inch from the floor.  HR at the bottom, up AFAP.


Divide the class into 2-3 groups
“Follow the Leader” Style.  One person starts the FC.  When they move to the Wall Balls the next person starts the FC.  You may not advance until the person in front of you has cleared the station.  The group is finished when the last person finishes their 2nd round.
2 rounds:
Heavy Farmer Carry w/the Warcry grips
20 Wall Balls
20 Axle Bar Deadlifts
10 Burpee Box Overs (no hands on the box, both feet must touch the box)
10 HR Push Ups
200m Sprint
FC: Out the side door. Turn right, FC to the corner and back

Thursday 9-4-2014


Handstand Skills
20min to review and practice:
Handstands (nose to the wall)
Freestanding and/or partner spotted Handstands
Handstand Walking
Note that HSPU are not on this list.  Work on getting comfortable and stable while inverted.


“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds for Time:
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
You need to have a strict MU to do them in this WOD.   You can substitute Bar MU if y0u do not have a strict Ring MU.  Scaling for today will be Burpee Toes t0 Bar (1 Burpee + 1 Toes to  Bar = 1 Muscle Up.)  Scale the HPC to something you can do unbroken for 10 reps – if you are breaking them up you’ve gone too heavy.  Drop the weight and restart the set of 10.