Monday 3-31-2014


3 sets
10 KB 1-Leg Deadlift (5 each side)
10 KB Push Press (5 each side)
10 KB Lunge (6 each leg)
10 TGU (5 each side)


10min Review:
Atlas Stone to Shoulder


10min AMRAP
2 Stone to Shoulder
10 HR Pushups
10 Overhead Plate Situps
10 KBS 70/53
200m sprint  with medicine ball (20/14)
(sub for running is 350m Row + 5 burpees)
(sub for stone to shoulder is KB clean & jerk)

Friday 3-28-2014


A) Back Squat 4×5 75%
B)  3 rounds, not for time:
2 Wall Walks
10 Back Extensions
10 HEAVY Russian KBS

Odd: 5 Thrusters 95/65
Even: 5 Bar Facing Burpees over the Bar
**this is just a quick review of movement standards for tomorrow’s workout.    If the weight is too heavy for you to easily do 5 Thrusters unbroken, scale the weight. 


Row 8x250m, 45s rest

Thursday 3-27-2014


A1. Push Press 3×5
A2. TGU 3×5 Each Arm


5min EMOTM
20-30 Unbroken Double Unders


3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
20 KBS 70/53
Run 200m
15 Hang Cleans 155/115
17min Cap
**5 HR Burpee Penalty if the bar hits the floor

Wednesday 3-26-2014


Split Jerk
10 min to warm up and review technique
Every 90s for 5 sets:
2 Heavy Split Jerks (from the rack)
Front Squat 5×3 heavy (10min cap)


Partner FGB Style
3 Rounds
Power Snatch 115/75/55 (this should be no more than 65% of your max)
Burpee Box Jump
Partner Wall Ball
Heavy KBS
Calorie Row
1min Rest
**Partners alternate reps on the Power Snatch (2 bars)

Tuesday 3-25-2014


8min to find Max Power Clean
rest 2 minutes
8min AMRAP Power Cleans @90% of the above


1 3 Strict Chin-ups (3 second negative) + Max Chin Over the Bar Hold
2 30s Hollow Hold
3 Max Support Hold on Rings (cap at 30s)
**Scale the reps on the chin-ups before scaling the movement.  If you have even 1 strict chin-up, do it.  Even if that means doing only 1 chin-up before the max hold.  


8min AMRAP
5 Thrusters 95/65
5 Thrusters 135/95
**EMOTM burpee over the bar ladder (2/4/6..)


Monday 3-24-2014


KB Snatch
21 R/21 L
15 R/15 L
9   R/9   L
**10 Hollow Rock between each set


25min AMRAP
400m Run
50 Double Unders
200m Waiters Walk (switch hands at 100m)
15 Burpees with Hand Release
30 1-Hand KBS (15 each side, not alternating)

**Rx is unbroken sets of DU
**This should be a pretty moderate pace.  As last week, Tues and Weds will be heavier.. let your body recover from yesterday!

Friday 3-21-2014


12 min cap
Power Clean 8×1 80%
**12 min to warm up and do 8 singles at 80% of your max.  Not TnG, drop each rep.


even: 5 Power Cleans 155/110
odd:  max cal row (cap at 10)
1min rest
even: 10 Wall Balls
odd:   max cal row (cap at 10)
1 min rest
10 Cal Row
15 Toes to Bar
15 Power Cleans 135/95
AMRAP M/U  (must have a strict MU)
**sub for M/U is AMRAP Toes to Bar


Thursday 3-20-2014


10 min to warm  up the Power Snatch (and OHS)
**up to 75% of your max full snatch

EMOTM for 10min
Odd:   3 TnG Power Snatch  + 3 OHS
Even: 1-3 Strict Pull-ups
**Choose a weight on the Power Snatch which will allow you to complete the sets unbroken



3 RFT:
400m Run
21 KBS 53/35
12 Pull-ups

Wednesday 3-19-2014


12min cap
Build to 1RM HBBS


5 Rounds for Reps
1min Wall Balls
30s Double Unders
30s Power Cleans 135/95
Rest 1min
**If at any point you are not getting at least 6-8 reps on the PC you’ve gone too heavy and need to drop the weight.   The weight should be light enough that your reps are fairly consistent between rounds
**No scaling up unless your max clean is greater than 205/150, in which case go no higher than 155/115

Tuesday 3-18-2014


Thruster Ladder
Barbell starts on the ground. You have 60s to make the lift and change to the next weight
1 Thruster

Women: Weight starts at or above 35 and increases by 5#
Men: Weight starts at or above  45 and, increases by 10#

  • –You may start anywhere in the ladder, Rx is at or above 75/95
  • –If you miss the weight, drop down one rung for the next round
  • –You may opt to rest and miss a round in between attempts
  • –You may opt to stay at the same weight

–Score is the highest weight made


Max Chest to Bar Pullups in 5 minutes
**Break up as needed, any’ grip is acceptable
**If you can do even 1 Chest to Bar PU, don’t scale this one.  I’d rather see 3 chest to bar pull-ups than 25 regular pullups


(You need to have strict MU and HSPU in order to kip them in this WOD)
4 rounds of:

3min/2min off
2 Muscle Ups   / 6 Pull-ups, 6 HR Push-ups
4 HSPU             / 7 Push Press 115/75
8 KBS  70/53
**Restart where you left off

**if you have multiple sets of strict ring dips you may sub those for the HR Push-Ups subject to coach’s approval
**Comp team, do a full “Nate”

Monday 3-17-2014


3 Sets of:
10 KB Push Press (5 each side)
3 Wall Walks
30s Hollow Hold


On a running Clock:
On the first minute:
2 Rounds of:
400m Run
200m OH Plate Carry 35/25
200m Run
Max Effort Plank Hold
At minute 12:
Death by Air Squats (in 5s)
**if you fail to complete the squats in the minute, restart at 5


10-15minute mobility
**Use this as recovery.  The next two days will be heavy 



Friday 3-14-2014


Deadlift Form

10-15 min review on form, then 3×8 @50% (or 185/135, whichever is lighter) This is not a strength workout. It is a review of proper form and of what we do/do not want to see in 14.3. If your deadlift form looks scary, we will stop you mid-WOD in total disregard for your place on the leaderboard.

Box Jumps

5-10min review of options, then
10 Box Jumps


5 Back Squats 205/135
200m Run
10 Pullups
5 Back Squats
200m Run
15 HR Pushups
10 Pullups
5 Back Squats
200m Run
20 KBS
15 HR Pushups
10 Pullups
5 Back Squats
12 min cap

Thursday 3-13-2014


10min review of snatch, warm up the snatch to 75/55
**if your 1RM is greater than 135/95  use 80% of your max
**full snatch

2 Snatches 75/55 (or 80% of your max)
(These do not need to be TnG)
**If you had no misses in the EMOTM, add 5-10#
**If you had any misses at all, drop 10#
2 Snatches
**If no misses, add 5-10#
**If you had any misses, drop 10#
2 Snatches


5 Rounds
2 min on/2 min off
12 Burpees over the bar
9  Deadlifts 115/75
6 Push Press

Wednesday 3-12-14


10-15 min review of Muscle Up progressions

MU skills
A) False Grip Ring Rows
B) False Grip Pull-ups on the rings
C) Kipping/Tap Swing on the rings
D) Kipping Hips To Ring
**These are progressions. You need to be proficient in A before proceeding to B, etc..  If  you already have MU you still need to go through and practice each of the progressions before moving on to the MU.
** NO attempts at a MU unless you can demonstrate strict ring dips. If you have questions about this, talk with your coach.

Odd:   10 Wall Balls
Even: 1-3 MU
**Sub for MU is Burpee Toes-to-Bar
**Your coach will assign you a number for the MU.  If you miss any MU attempts, switch to the substitution.


7 Squat Clean Thrusters 100/70
7 Burpees
Rest 5
20 KBS 70/53
Max Wall Balls in time remaining
**You have full recovery.  No pacing – sprint the AMRAPs
1200m Row at 80%


Tuesday 3-11-14


10 min cap:
3xMax Handstand Hold
3×10-15 Strict Handstand Pushups
1×3-8 full ROM negative HSPU
**if you cannot do sets of 10 strict handstand pushups do 1 max set and then choose the Handstand Hold option or work on strict, controlled negatives.  Scaling with abmats is fine.



Front Squats 5×5
**Should be heavy but not a max effort, no failing today.  If you fail, drop 10% and start the next set.. that is, if you fail the 1st rep of set 3, drop 10% and start set 4.


12 min AMRAP
1/2/3/etc.. of:
Unbroken HPC+FS+Jerk 165/110
1 Round of Cindy between each set
**”Chutes and Ladders” – if you fail to complete the complex unbroken, drop down two rungs.  If you fail before set 3, drop 10#.
**A full clean does  not mean that you don’t have to do the squat

Monday 3-10-14


3 attempts at a max set of double unders (5min time cap)
6min AMRAP of:
max unbroken sets of X double unders:
if max < 30.. use 10
if max < 60.. use 25
if max < 100.. use 40
if Max > 100.. use 60


Deadlift 3×5 80%
10TGU (5/side) between each set


4 Rounds for time:

10 KB Snatch 44/26 (5 each side, alternating)
15 Lateral Box Jumps
20 Unbroken Wall Balls
25 Air Squats
Every other minute on the minute: 10 Burpees
**Wall Balls must be unbroken or the set starts over

(15min time cap)


Friday 3-7-14


Chest to Bar Pull ups
10 min practice and review of kipping technique
**make sure you are warming up with strict pull ups, and keep the overall volume low.. you’ll be doing enough of them on Sunday.


3 OHS 95/65
3 Chest to Bar Pullups


On a running clock:

1 mile run
at 12 minutes:
4 Rounds:
35 Double Unders
15 KB Swings 70/53

Thursday 3-6-14


4 sets of:
5 Strict Ring Dips + max time support hold
5 False Grip Strict Chest to Ring Pullups
30s Hollow Hold


Snatch Balance + OHS 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


12min AMRAP
Thrusters (135/95/65)
KB Swings
Box Jumps
Cal row
**Choose a weight on the thrusters you can handle for at least 5 reps.
**5 burpee penalty for dropping the bar before the end of a set
rest 3min
1K row at 80%

Wednesday 3-5-14


Strict Press 3×3 at 70%, 80%, 90%
8/5 Strict Chin-ups between each set


Review the kip for Toes-To-Bar
**Focus on a fast transition onto the bar and into the movement

3 Burpees + 3 Toes-To-Bar
**This is skill practice/prep for the WOD, not conditioning, and should feel easy.


5min AMRAP
5 Toes To Bar
10 Box Jumps
15 Wall Balls (Rx is unbroken)
rest 3 min
5min AMRAP
Up the ladder as far as possible 3/6/9/..
Deadlifts 135/95/75
Push Press

Tuesday 3-4-14

3 Rounds
Max Strict Pullups in 30 seconds
Rest 30s
Max Deficit (feet on box) Pushups in 30 seconds
Rest 30s

A) 12 min to a heavy Clean/Jerk
**Do not exceed 90% of your max
**these may be power or full cleans

B)Every 30s for 4 rounds:
1 Clean & Jerk @80%

C) On the 5th minute:
1x Max Effort Unbroken TnG Clean & Jerks @75%
**this is just preparation for the WOD, it should not feel heavy

3min on/2min off for 20min:
15 Burpees to 6″ Target
AMRAP Clean & Jerks in time remaining 135/95/55
15 Burpees to 6″ Target
AMRAP Clean & Jerks in time remaining 155/110/70
15 Burpees to 6″ Target
AMRAP Clean & Jerks in time remaining 175/125/80
15 Burpees to 6″ Target
AMRAP Clean & Jerks in time remaining 185/135/95
then (after your 2min rest)
2min AMRAP Chest to Bar Pullups

Update on Women’s Barbell Class

We will start the Women’s Barbell Class next week!  The first session will run for 6 weeks, from 3/10 – 4/07, meeting Monday evenings from 7-8:30pm.

To those of you who have already filled out the online form – thank you.. you are in the class and should receive a message today confirming this.  If you are still interested but not signed up for the class, you can still fill out the form to be put on the wait list.  We will let you know when another session is starting.

You do not need to have lifting shoes for this class, though certainly do wear them if you already own them.  If you have any other questions let us know, and we’ll see you Monday evening to get started!

Monday 3-3-14

Every other minute on the minute:
Back Squat
Max Reps at 60% (without racking the bar or stopping at the top)

20min AMRAP
800m Run
2 Rounds
10 KB Box Step-Ups
15 KBS (53/35)
40 KB Walking Lunges (20 each leg)
1K Row
**this is not a sprint.  20 minutes of moderate work, we are letting you and your shoulders recover from the past few days’ work.  If you finish the row under the time cap, restart with another run.


10-15min Mobility Work