Friday 2-28-14



10 minutes Double Under Review and Practice, then:
Max Unbroken sets of 50/20 in 5 minutes


15  minutes to practice the Power Snatch.  Work up to NO MORE than 75% of your max and do not exceed 135/95.  These should be light and easy in preparation for 14.1 on Sunday

EMOTM    12
Odd:     20 Double Unders
Even:   5xPower Snatch  (135/95/75/55)


Row 2K at an easy pace

Thursday 2-27-14


Review of TGU and KB Snatch technique

A) 5×3 TGU each side
5-10 Strict Chin-ups between each set
**no bands


Quick Practice/Review of kipping Toes to Bar, then:

For total time:
250m Row
10 Toes to Bar
20 Wall Balls
20 KBS 70/53
Rest 2 minutes
500m Row
10 Toes to Bar
15 Wall Balls
15 KBS
Rest 3 minutes
750m Row
10 Toes To Bar
10 Wall Balls
10 KBS
Rest 4 minutes
1000m Row


3×15 False Grip Ring Rows
3×5-10 Strict Ring Dips
3x30s Hollow Hold

Wednesday 2-26-14


10min to find heavy single Front Squat
(this does not need to be a 1RM)

A) Front Squat 1-2 x 90%
B) 5-15 Unbroken STRICT HSPU/30s Handstand Hold


Buy-In: Your Choice of:
1 strict Muscle-Up
2 strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups
3 strict Pull-ups
5 Pull-up Progressions (no bands)

9min AMRAP
2 Clean & Jerks (145/105/95/65)
50 Double-Unders
4 Clean & Jerks
50 Double-Unders
6 Clean & Jerks
50 Double-Unders
8 Clean & Jerks
50 Double-Unders
10 Clean & Jerks
50 Double-Unders
12 Clean & Jerks
50 Double-Unders
Max Unbroken X in time remaining.
**You may kip, but you must use the same movement used in the buy-in (no MU unless you did one strict.)
**one shot. When you break your WOD is done.
**scaling is  Pull-ups or Toes to Bar.
**Scale pull-ups with jumping pull-ups or ring rows. No bands.

Tuesday 2-25-14


A) 12 min to find a max of:
Snatch + 2 OHS
**this should be a full squat snatch
**if you need to power snatch into the OHS concentrate on your footwork and on being able to perform the OHS from your landing stance.

B) 3×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift (use weight found in part A)
**control the negative and hit the positions on the way down rather than dropping the bar


4 Rounds of:
4 Minutes to complete:
500m row sprint +
choose one of:
a)2 Unbroken Bear Complex (5 points)  + 5 burpee box overs
b)3 OHS  (3 points) + 5 burpee box overs
c)5 Power Snatch (3 points) + 5 burpee box overs
d)7 Back Squats (2 points) + 5 burpee box overs
e)9 Front Squats (2 points) + 5 burpee box overs
(Bars taken from the floor:  155/135/95/65)
(mix it up as much or as little as you like)
30 burpees – X (total points from above)


One of:
A)3x Max Effort Sets of STRICT Muscle Ups (no kipping, if you cannot do it strict then choose another option)
B) 3x Max STRICT Ring Dips (no kipping. no bands)
C) 3x Max Support Hold on the rings (no bands, use a box if needed)



Women’s Barbell Class

Coming Soon – Women’s Barbell Class

This is a basic/introductory level class – the only pre-requisite is that you have completed the Elements class an are a full member of Slate Crossfit. This class will run in the evening during regular class hours and will provide you with specific small group instruction on the Olympic lifts. You will learn drills to address your individual weaknesses and develop a new level of confidence performing these lifts independently in class.

If you are interested in taking the class, if you have any questions, if you are not sure the class is for you – please talk to a coach. we will post more information on the scheduling as we work out the details.

Monday 2-24-14


Review of pull-up progressions and kipping technique



20min AMRAP of:

400m Run/500m Row
Max Unbroken Pull-ups

** You may choose to row rather than to run.  Be sure to track your choice, as we will retest this benchmark later in the spring.  Record the number of rounds and the number of pull-ups in each round.


Buy Out

10min mobility

YOU should do the Crossfit Games Open..

“CrossFit doesn’t have any finish line. All we have is the timer clock that eventually runs down to zero.

But when that timer clock runs down to zero, you could have an amazing story to tell. You could have a victory worth celebrating.”

I was ready to write out a post about why you should sign up for the Open.  About the commitment you’ll make to yourself to train harder, to make every workout, to discover and attack your weaknesses.  About the adrenaline rush and how much harder you will push yourself with a judge right there beside you holding you to standards and marking your scorecard.  You will surprise yourself, set new PRs and find out that you are better than what you thought.

Somebody else has done that for me already.  Read about one woman’s experience in the Open as a new Crossfitter.  She went into last year’s snatch ladder unable (or so she though) to snatch 75 pounds.  By the time the buzzer went off to mark the end of 13.1 she had done so 30 times.  The fact that she had made this commitment to herself pushed her to ask questions, to develop and correct her technique on the lift and to accomplish something she had thought to be beyond her abilities.

There are still a few days left before the announcement of the first workout – it isn’t too late to be a part of this.  Read the article.  Talk to your coach and your fellow athletes.. sign up and challenge yourself to try something new.  Take inspiration from the people around you, and give yourself the chance to inspire somebody else.




Meeting “Fran”

What’s your Fran time? It’s the crossfitter’s equivalent of the bodybuilder’s “What do you bench?” The first “Rx’d” Fran is a big milestone for most Crossfit athletes.  Crossfit’s 100m dash.

What makes Fran so special?  A short, brutal expression of power that will humble you in 3 minutes. Simple on paper – 21/15/9 thrusters and pullups. Easy enough that a beginning Crossfitter can give it a go. Difficult enough to regularly make an appearance in competition at the highest level.  Sometimes it seems that the better you get, the worse this one feels.

So. What is your Fran time? I guarantee that Mikah knows his. After successfully avoiding the benchmark for 2 years, he did it last night for the first time. 5:28, Rx. The first “Rx’d” Fran is a big milestone for most Crossfit athletes. If you see Mikah in class, be sure to stop by and congratulate him. Mikah’s favorite movements are snatch and bear complexes, and you’ll often find him after the 4:30 class doing some extra work on mobility.

To all of you who met Fran yesterday for the first time: Congratulations and welcome to the club. Short and bittersweet, Fran has probably laid out more athletes on the floor than any other. And we all keep going back for more.


Friday 2-21-14

20 mins of:
A1) 4-5 Strict Chins
A2) On last rep of chin, max hold over the bar
A3) 8 weighted good mornings

AMRAP for 12 mins
6 Jumping Squats
12 KBS (53/35)
24 Double Unders

Opens Workshop (starting 2.28.14)

Opens Workshop – for Slate Members Only

If you have been through an Open, or if you have been through the old Open WODs you already know that the best results come when you go in with a plan. This year the workouts will be announced Thursday evenings and so for the 5 weeks starting 2.28.14 we will be replacing the Friday 6:30 class with a 90 minute workshop geared toward attacking the WOD.

We will look at different ways to approach the workout and will run through a WOD designed to test those strategies and send you into the Sunday throwdown with a plan.

This is not a class to teach the movements in the WOD.We will not be covering the basics of how to snatch or teaching pull-ups.

What We will be covering:

— Movement Standards. What will count, what will get you no-repped.
— Ideas on tackling the workout for different types of athletes
— Common mistakes to avoid
— If, how and when to plan rest in the WOD
— Is it worth repeating the workout?
— How best to warm up for and recover from the workout
For example, if the WOD includes box jumps we will look at our different options: step-ups vs box jumps, step-downs vs rebounding box jumps. If there are high rep sets of wall balls in the workout how will you plan to break them up? If there is a snatch ladder how will your approach change if the highest weights are below vs above your 1RM? How will you get through the burpees?

Will the real Thursday 2-20-14 workout please stand up

Well it was certainly close. The voting for Ladies Night was neck and neck all week, which made me proud. Neither workout is an easy choice, and both are a lot of fun. The winner is….. Fran!

Thrusters (95/65)
9 min time cap

Cool down

Double under skills or gymnastics practice

Thursday 2-20-14

20 mins of:
A1) 4-5 Strict Chins
A2) On last rep of chin, max hold over the bar
A3) 8 weighted good mornings

AMRAP for 12 mins
6 Jumping Squats
12 KBS (53/35)
24 Double Unders

Foodraiser at Crossfit Decimus

We all want to get stronger. We all want to be healthier and fitter. But ask most people what Crossfit means to them and “Community” is likely to be what you hear first. It is the heart and soul of Crossfit. Crossfit Decimus is organizing an event to help one of our own in need. The owners of PNW Crossfit in Tacoma have lost their home to a fire. There is a “foodraiser” this Saturday to help make things a little easier for them. It would be great to have a Slate presence at the event. If you would like to go we may be able to organize carpools. If you cannot go but would like to contribute please let us know what you can give, and we will set a time on Sat for you to bring it to the gym to be picked up by somebody who is attending. See the event for full details:


Hump day! Wednesday 2-19-14

4 sets
A1) Power cleans – 6
A2) Ring Dips – 10

Row 500m
1 min max box jumps
Row 500m
1 min max Double unders
Row 500m
1 min max ring rows
Row 500m
1 min max push-ups
Row 500m
1 min max burpees


Slate is hiring! Check out our new Jobs section on the menu, under the about heading!

Tuesday 2-19-14

5 sets of
5 front squats (then immediately into)
45 hollow rock hold

Push press (115/75)
Walking barbell lunge
(EMOTM) 4 burpees (including at the very beginning)

Monday 2-17-14

President’s Day: Regular business hours

A1) Accrue 30 secs Scap contract/hold
A2) 5-7 Strict pull-ups
A2) 2 Wall-walks

200m Run

Seattle Affiliate League competition

Slate Crossfit has a team competition again this afternoon, this time at Eastlake Crossfit in Fremont!

Come cheer them on and see what a great, local completion entails. Crossfit Eastlake – The Lab is on 3625 Interlake Ave N, in the Fremont neighborhood over by Evo.

Our teams hear starts at 4 so show up a little early and settle in for a solid hour that features not one, but two WODs!

Friday 2-14-14

Happy Valentines Day! Come in early and work hard so you can play later!

Thrusters (100/70)
Burpees over the bar


EMOTM for 12 min
Even: Row for cals
Odd: Rest

Thursday 2-13-14

AMRAP for three minutes of:
Double unders
Rest 90 secs
Then repeat for following movements:
Box jumps
Row for cals
Goblet squats (70/53)
Mountain climbers

Post WOD mobility:
Squat therapy and Ido Portal 2.0

Wednesday 1-12-14

Special note:
There will NOT be a 9am class today. King Crossfit has offered us some equipment for free, provided we come pick it up at that time. We will resume the 9am on Friday, with new toys!!

5 @ 80%
5 @ 85%
5 @ 90%
5 @ 85%
5 @ 80%

EMOTM for 16 mins
Even: 4 power cleans
Odd: 12 push ups

Tuesday 2-13-14

Front squat ladder

21 KBS (53/35)
100 Double Unders

Monday 2-11-14

A1) Strict Pull-ups
A2) Ring Push-ups

5 rounds
AMRAP Thrusters (105/75)
20 box jumps (20/20)
Rest 2 mins

Score is # of thrusters

Sunday 2-9-14

Special class hours!
Our gym has a team that competes at various events and one of them is tomorrow. Normally that doesn’t mean a shift in classes but one of the members had to drop out of tomorrow’s event and I will be covering their spot.

Sunday’s schedule:
9am class will be the only class. It will have a long extended cool down/mobility session as well!!

If you’d like to come watch the event and cheer everyone on it is at Crossfit LOFT in West Seattle on 4142 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Our hear starts at 12:30!

Also snow!!!

Friday 2-7-14

Block 1:
6 mins to:
Row 1000m
AMRAP Back Squat (225/135)
Rest 3 mins

Block 2:
6 mins
Row 1000m
AMRAP push-ups w/HR
Rest 3 mins

Workout is alternating three rounds of block 1 and two rounds of block 2

Thursday 2-6-14

Push Press

40 ring dips
30 squat cleans (115/85)
40 ring dips

Wednesday 2-15-14

4 @ 75%
4 @ 80%
4 @ 85%
4 @ 85%
4 @ 80%
4 @ 75%

25 Clean and Jerk (115/85)
25 Pull-ups
25 Push-ups

Every minute stop and do 5 wallballs

Tuesday 2-4-14

3 position Power Snatch
(High hang, above the knee, below the knee)

On a running 12 minute clock:
60 burpees to 6″ target
60 air squats
60 box jumps
With any remaining time:
Row as many meters as possible

Score is total number of movements or total meters rowed

Monday 2-3-14

Double under practice

If double unders are a cinch, then muscle up practice.

3 rounds for time
500m Row
Rest 1 min


3 rounds for time
15 Front Squats
75 Double-unders