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Our goal is simple: Make this the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, blow off some steam.

Relax. Have Fun. Workout.

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Our Philosophy

I will hammer away at this rock until it splits. It will not be the hundredth blow that does it, but the ninety-nine I land before


We are strong, your body was designed to lift. We will teach you how to squat, push, pull, and swing weights safely and powerfully. In doing so, you’ll find yourself walking taller, feeling better than you ever have before. 


We are designed to move over long distances and to move quickly. We sprint, run, row, jump, and learn to sustain our ability to work, play, move for long periods of time. The applications of our training are endless, from climbing the stairs, to pushing further into that last quarter, to sprinting the last hill of a marathon.


We live in an unforgiving world that is often antithetical to movement health. Poor movement patterns and positions; i.e. sitting at work/school, looking down at your cell phone, over working certain muscles all lead to tight muscles, frayed ligaments, and stiffness. At Slate CrossFit you’ll find flexibility and mobility to be in equal breath with strength and conditioning training. 

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- Custom tailored to your expertise, movement ability

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